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Damp, No Splashes - South Carrizo Wash

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  51F when we arrived  0800, 65F at 1400hrs.  Soil conditions excellent. Vallecito Wash looked like it had been quite the mess Friday

through Sunday. The two of us used the day to explore areas which we were un-familiar. BLM down south between the Immigration 

check and the Fans ( the west side ).  Shooting range was really Trashed Up.  Dos Cabezas Rd. up to where the rail disappear into the canyon.  Then all the way north up

June wash where we explored all three forks down to walking speed. 

A large group would have been rolling their eyes with all the dead ends. PMB held up to the torture.












         That's More Like It

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Looks great. Wish I could have made it but not in the cards this time. Just checked the Fish Creek weather station. They got another .6" today. Ought to be really saturated now.

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