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Current Issues with Site - 5/15/19

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We are working to resolve the current issues with the site. Will report back once we have identified the cause of the issue this morning and can ensure stability. 


Thanks for your patience. 



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Just to note, this issue had to do with uploading attachments and file sizes. We have currently disabled the uploading of videos for the time being, this may be re-enabled in the future. Please contact me if you need to show a video in your post and need help using a third-party host like youtube, etc. I'd be happy to help. 

Image uploads have been re-enabled and are now limited to 2400 x 2400, if you upload something bigger it will be resized. 

You can of course always embed images and videos hosted from other sites like Imgur, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. by just pasting in the link or using the "insert other media" button at the bottom right of the post submission box.


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