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  1. AirheadGarage

    Current Issues with Site - 5/15/19

    Just to note, this issue had to do with uploading attachments and file sizes. We have currently disabled the uploading of videos for the time being, this may be re-enabled in the future. Please contact me if you need to show a video in your post and need help using a third-party host like youtube, etc. I'd be happy to help. Image uploads have been re-enabled and are now limited to 2400 x 2400, if you upload something bigger it will be resized. You can of course always embed images and videos hosted from other sites like Imgur, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. by just pasting in the link or using the "insert other media" button at the bottom right of the post submission box.
  2. AirheadGarage

    Current Issues with Site - 5/15/19

    Ok we should be good to go. Thanks everyone for your patience while I addressed this issue.
  3. AirheadGarage

    Current Issues with Site - 5/15/19

    For the time being I am disabling uploading of photos and attachments until I can ensure the site can handle the incoming filesizes.
  4. AirheadGarage

    Current Issues with Site - 5/15/19

    Yes, I'm working on it now.
  5. We are working to resolve the current issues with the site. Will report back once we have identified the cause of the issue this morning and can ensure stability. Thanks for your patience. Mario
  6. AirheadGarage

    Embed a Video ? UPDATED 4/19

    Ok I got this working. There is a new setting on our updated forum software that allows you to embed a video by simply pasting the URL of the video into the post. It should convert that text into the embedded video at full width like my two posts above from Youtube and Vimeo. So again, just in the body text of your post, past a video URL and it should convert. If it doesn't, shoot me a message and I can see whats up.
  7. AirheadGarage

    How to Post Photos

    Ok we are all fixed up. You can now insert photos from another site via the code button in the post editor, or the "insert other media" button on the bottom right of the post editor. A note about this: Now that the site is secure and loading via HTTPS, any link or photo from a URL that you add to a post or topic can make that particular page unsecure if you are inserting content that isn't from a HTTPS:// url. So while the site itself will remain secure, individual pages, posts or topics can be made unsecure if the person posting links to a http:// page. You can avoid this by removing the HTTP: from the URL and just have it start with //. For instance instance, if you had an image with the URL of http://www.example.com/image.jpg you could keep your post secure by modifying the URL and inserting it as: //www.example.com/image.jpg Direct message me if you have any problems or questions regarding image posting.
  8. AirheadGarage

    How to Post Photos

    Test insert into post
  9. AirheadGarage

    How to Post Photos

    It looks like the "Insert Other Media" > "Insert Image from URL" button and popup window are having issues. I will look into this asap. For now the best way to post photos is to directly upload them. If trying to share an image you found elsewhere, just download it first and then upload here. Please Direct Message me if you need any further assistance uploading images while I look into this. Thanks!
  10. AirheadGarage

    Downtime tonight - 1/9/19

    Test upload image 2
  11. AirheadGarage

    Downtime tonight - 1/9/19

    Test image upload
  12. Apologies for the unexpected downtime this evening. I was working on making the site more secure with HTTPS/SSL and some posts or new topics may have been lost during the period I was working. However, the site was updated successfully and your logins, etc. will now be encrypted properly going forward. Again, I apologize about any lost work you may have posted tonight.
  13. AirheadGarage

    Website Maintenance

    We are planning another period of website maintenance for Monday 12/17 starting at 6AM PST and ending a few hours later. The site may be offline during this time. Please note: During this time any posts or topics created may be lost. Please save your writing, photo uploads, etc. until after the notification for maintenance has been taken down. We apologize about any inconvenience. Thank you.