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Not new but I am back

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Hey guys, I met a few of you before when I picked up my little WR250R in prep for the TAT last year, well we attempted it but failed, I made the brutal mistake of upgrading everything possible except the suspension  (I even knew better but quite frankly ran out of money)  anyways on day 3 my overloaded bike decided it had enough of me riding it.  I got thrown off at 65mph.  Severely dislocated shoulder, multiple broken ribs, punctured lung and ruptured spleen later, along with a totaled bike. My trip ended.

So I've been without a dualsport since September.  Well I just converted my YZ450F over, so looking to ride again.  I am waiting on an 18" rear wheel, then I can run proper tires.  Right now I have a supermoto wheel set and my MX set but looking to hook up and ride more.  I think I should get my rear wheel next week.


Anyways glad to be back and I miss all the previous trips leading up to my vacation.  We are attempting it again late spring.


See you around

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14 hours ago, Wierdrider said:

Welcome back, sounds like a painful crash, got any video of it?

No unfortunately, I turned my gopro off 10 min before,  my buddy looked back as my bike pitched sideways. That's about it..

Here's my helmet and a shot from the Ambulance.  It was an hour wait for it




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Wow, crazy sh**, glad you're getting back on the horse. Where on the Tat did it happen? Have you seen the video on YouTube " The end of of my Western Tat ride" bad crash? Scary stuff. 

Ride on

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Dang that's a hell of a crash.

I've had all the same injuries except the spleen.:o




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