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Most Comprehensive Motorcycle Trip Equipment List

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This is from the "Wetleather" site and e-mail list, I joined them a few years back when I did a road trip to Washington. Met a lot of good people from the list in Seattle, and made some friends...I found their Camping Article and Equipment List, possibly one of the most comprehensive lists I've seen.....

Just choose what you need from this list, of course you don't need all this stuff, but it's a great guide so you don't forget anything....I don't think they missed much........


Camping Guide - Bill Johns' Excellent Motorcycle Camping Guide

Thu, 2006-10-05 19:36 — carlp This document was begun to prepare camping newbies for the first annual Greater Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather. I've been updating ever since. Many folks have offered valuable input, including, but not limited to JonM, !dk, Jeff Earls, Vic Swan, Guy Pace, Dave Svoboda. Possibly more, I've forgotten.


Here's the list....


The Categories of Items








___ air mattress

___ bivouac bag/sack

___ candle lantern

___ candle lantern candles (spares)

___ compass

___ ear plugs

___ feces shovel

___ flashlight

___ flashlights (magnilites (2))

___ flashlight batteries (spares)

___ ground tarps (1 per 2 days - split and trash 1/2 each day)

___ knife (Buck)

___ knife sharpener

___ nylon cord

___ pillow (travel)

___ poncho liner & stuff sack

___ sleeping bag

___ sleeping bag waterproof-bag

___ sleeping hood (hat)

___ sleeping pad (insulated)

___ sleeping pad chair/sling

___ sven saw

___ tent

___ tent rain fly

___ tent waterproof-bag

___ waterproofing spray and seamlock


___ bags (plastic large garbage)

___ bags (plastic small trash, 1 for every 4-5 days)

___ can opener

___ cup & spoon

___ cup/beer stein

___ dish towel

___ food

___ coffee bags

___ coffee creamer

___ coffee mug (insulated)

___ coffee sugar

___ energy bars/raisins

___ soy (2-3 small boxes)

___ fork

___ jack knife

___ knife

___ match case

___ matches (farmers)

___ matches (in sealed plastic bag/bottle)

___ matches (waterproof)

___ napkins

___ paper towels

___ pepper

___ plate

___ pot gripper

___ pots

___ salt

___ soap/scrubber pads

___ spoon(s)

___ stove

___ stove gas (white gas)

___ stove wind screen

___ water bottle(s) (2)

___ water carrier (1 gallon)


___ Riding Gear

___ boot sock liners

___ boots (canvas mukluks or rubber type)

___ chaps

___ gators

___ gauntlets

___ gloves (cold weather)

___ gloves (electric & wire harness)

___ gloves (hot weather)

___ gloves (rubber)

___ gloves (wool liners and dish washing rain gloves)

___ hat (wool)

___ helmet

___ jacket

___ jacket (polypro ski)

___ jacket (wind breaker)

___ jacket liner & stuff sack

___ neck warmer/long scarf

___ pants (leather)

___ pants for riding (Levis)

___ rain gear (boots, vest, etc.)

___ rain totes & stuff sack

___ rain suit

___ sailor hat for riding without a helmet on hot days

___ shirts (long-sleeve, turtle-neck T-shirts)

___ ski goggles for riding without a helmet

___ ski warm-ups

___ socks (cotton)

___ socks (neoprene)

___ socks (wool)

___ spandex shorts

___ sunglasses

___ sunglasses (spare)

___ underwear (insulated, long johns)

___ Camp Clothes

___ camp shoes/slippers

___ changes of clothes (3-5, rolled up)

___ down vest

___ jeans

___ jeans jacket

___ laundry soap

___ layers of clothing (like cross country skiing)

___ moosehead hat

___ pants

___ shorts

___ socks

___ sweat shirt

___ sweater

___ swimming suit

___ T-shirts

___ underwear

___ warm clothes for evenings/nights

___ washing shorts

___ wind breaker


___ backpack (small)

___ book (paperback)

___ camera & film

___ campground guides

___ cellular phone

___ chapstick

___ cigarettes

___ contact lens stuff

___ DoD lighter & fluid

___ ear plugs

___ electric razor

___ fanny pack

___ first aid kit

___ fishing gear

___ grease pencil

___ hand cream

___ hand soap

___ hand/nail brush

___ hi-liter

___ insect repellent/bug spray

___ knife

___ maps & magnifier

___ prescription medicines

___ membership cards (AMA, VRC, RPAA, Parks, campgrounds, etc.)

___ negotiables

___ cash ($25-$30/day/person)

___ checkbook

___ credit cards (gas)

___ credit cards (MC/Visa/AmEx/Discover/etc.)

___ travellers checks

___ pen

___ pencil

___ post-it's

___ radios/tape players with mini speakers

___ radios/tape players batteries (extras)

___ reading glasses (if you are over 40)

___ sewing kit

___ shampoo

___ skin moisturizers

___ sun glasses

___ sun screen/block/lotion

___ tapes

___ toilet kit

___ toilet paper in sealed plastic bag

___ toiletries

___ tooth brush & paste

___ toothbrush

___ towel

___ visine

___ wash cloth

___ watch

___ weapon (optional)

___ weather radio


___ anti-fogger (detergent)

___ bags (large ziplock garbage)

___ bike rain cover

___ bug rag

___ bungee cargo net

___ bungee cords

___ chain lock

___ chain lock key (extra)

___ chain lub

___ chain masterlink

___ chamois (to clean windshield)

___ cloth rags

___ communicators (bike-to-bike radios)

___ duct tape

___ emergency equipment

___ fork protectors

___ fuel bottle (backpacking type, 2-quart filled with extra gasoline)

___ glue (gorilla snot)

___ glue (super)

___ helmet face shield/visors (clear, tinted, & extras)

___ ignition key (extra)

___ insurance certificate (for Canadian travel)

___ insurance papers & info

___ lamp, headlight (spare No. ______)

___ lamp, instrument panel (spare No. ______)

___ lamp, taillight (spare No. ______)

___ lamp, turn signals (spare No. ______)

___ maps

___ padlocks & cables

___ radar detector & extra batteries

___ rain-x

___ saddlebag key (extra)

___ seatcover (sheep skin)

___ seat rain cover

___ shoe laces (leather -- loop at one end for strapping)

___ sidestand plates

___ stuff sacks (weather-proof)

___ tank bag

___ tarp (small reinforced or rain parka) (for gear during storms)

___ vehicle registration

___ windshield polish


___ duct tape (flatten the spool)

___ electrical system schematic

___ electrical tape

___ emergency blanket (Space Blanket)

___ emergency warning light (trouble light)

___ fuses (extra)

___ Leatherman Tool

___ multimeter

___ pliers (channel locks, aka water-pump pliers)

___ pliers (needle nose)

___ pliers (standard)

___ screwdrivers (assorted or set)

___ socket set

___ suspension adjustment tool

___ tire inflator

___ tire patch/plug kit

___ tire pressure gauge

___ tire pump (small hand/foot)

___ vise grips

___ wire & alligator clip

___ wrenches (combination)

___ wrenches (crescent 4" and 10"; good ones)

___ wrenches (metric Allen)

___ wrench (spark plug)

___ gas-fired soldering iron


Tent Advice Addendum

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 14:59:02 -0800

From: Paul English

To: Northwest Bikers Social Mailing List

Subject: Motorcycle Camping Tent advice Roundup

I found the tent advice very useful, and thought I'd summarize for

everyone. I was looking for a tent for 2 adults and a child from REI to

use my girlfriend's REI membership dividend. When we found out we could

just get a check for it, that's what we did so now we have time get the

tent. :-)

Based on the advice we got, we will most likely go for the Eureka

Timberline 4 person, see if it works for all 3 of us plus gear in the

vestibule and if it doesn't, get the little person her own tent. Campmor

has these with the regular (2 door) for $159 and the Outfitter version for


General advice:

Buy a self-supporting tent so that it can be moved in a pinch of you find

you picked a bad spot.

Get one that fits on your bike.

Get one with short pole segments so they can be packed in saddlebags (or

just plan on packing the poles separately)

Get two doors, failing that, two windows.

Get a vestibule for gear

Don't worry about weight too much - you won't be carrying it on your back

Specific Recommendations:

Eureka Timberline tents (3 votes for this one) - easy up, overhang on

doors, vestibule available, "heavy duty" Outfitter version available, 2 & 4

person available

Sierra Designs alpha - easy up, pockets, attic available

REI 4 person

Eureka Apex2 (good for 1 person plus gear)

REI Half Dome Plus2 - cheap, solid, enough room for 2 plus gear

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All of that goes in the chase truck, right?

What's a chase truck ?

If you carry all the stuff on that list, you won't need no stinkin' chase truck :lol:

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Forgot a partridge and pear tree.


Sven saw??

when bowers thinks it is too much... it's WAY too much

give me a wr250r and a credit card :torch:

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I read the link and while he appears to be oriented toward touring bikes (which can carry the kitchen sink) some of these things also apply to dual sport touring. The list is just a check list of possible items, not that you need to carry everything on the list (although Roger does carry the whole list in his flight vest).

I have done some touring bike camping and a couple of dual sport (adventure) camping trips. He makes some good points. If you are going through towns to get fuel they will probably have a store where you can buy food as well. You don’t need to carry 15 days worth of food on you little girl 250 yamaha just because you are going on a 15 day ride. You can get by with just a couple of days worth and buy more in town when you fill up. I carry a freeze dried meal or MRE as an emergency ration and just buy my days worth of food each day.

Pick food that will travel well. On a trip in Utah I once put a nice green banana in my front plate bag. It fit there well, didn’t take up much space and the potassium recharge would be good at lunch. Well the bag was nice and dark inside and the day got hot. When I dug out the banana and lunch I found my hard green banana had turned to soft black goo. Needless to say this is not the way to carry a banana.

Tuna can now be found in packets instead of cans. These are easier to pack, don’t have hard edges to dig into you when you fall and are easy to pack out as trash. I take a package of tuna, a packet of mayonnaise and pita bread. Just open the tuna, drain the water, squeeze in the mayo, mix with a spoon, cut the pita bread in half, open it up, spoon in the tuna and I have a nice sandwich. Simple to carry, light and hardly any trash to pack back out.

I can carry this in my flight vest and not even notice it. When I dump it (which I do a lot) the food helps pad my body and is not harmed by the fall. The important think about food is to keep it simple, light and use your head. Do you need a steak for dinner or can you get by with mac and cheese? I like oatmeal so I just heat up water in the morning for instant coffee and instant oatmeal. There is my breakfast. There are lots of different meals you can have if you use your imagination. You don’t have to go to the camping stores just walk down the grocery store aisles and think.

Tents keep the bugs from biting you and give you some privacy for dressing and washing. Backpacking tents are light and pack small. Always get a tent rated for one more person then you plan on sleeping in it. If you are by yourself get a two person tent, with a close friend get a three person tent. Taking a close friend and Simon with you? Maybe a four person tent is best. These tents are small and don’t give you much room for stuff inside. Some one person tents I have seen will not even fit me inside.

Waterproof tents will soak you with condensation by the morning. A tent with vents and a rain fly is much better. A tent with a large vestibule in the rain fly will let you keep your riding gear out of the weather. Always use a tarp or footprint under the tent. This will prevent you from putting holes in the bathtub floor of the tent. Tent “foot prints” are pricey. They are shaped to the bottom of the tent but just a might smaller. You can make one much cheaper by buying a small poly-tarp and then cutting it to size. You want it slightly smaller than the tent floor, if it sticks out past the tent bottom water could run off of the tent and puddle under the tent floor.

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