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  1. RogerTOWM

    Waterproof Baofeng BF-A58

    I have never used that radio. But a life time ago I remember we use to use handy talks wrapped in plastic wrap to keep them dry. It worked fairly well.
  2. RogerTOWM

    Radios or Bluetooth?

    Bagstr I didnt know you guys were beating up on me. I don't think the night watchmen are using the ham frequencies. They are on frequencies reserved for business. Paul personally I think you have a great singing voice. But my understanding of FCC rules is you need to only identify yourself at the start, end and every 10 minutes. So for me it would be start the bike and then KG6EWP. Nothing for a while then, "washout in the road." Nothing for a while turn off bike, "KG6EWP". In other words I think you could act as if the whole ride is one conversation . You would not have to identify with each sentence. But remember HAM is self regulated. Who is going to can about low power usage out in the middle of no where on a channel no one else is using? Most radio NAZIs will not even know we are there. The CB radio in my Harley has VOX cabilities. New ones are wireless setups. I set the VOX sensitivity high enough that it requires me to talk forcefully before it activates. I can't remember the lyrics to songs so I don't sing very often. I also learned to deal with he delay of VOX. It was just a trading issue I had to learn. I am always saying uh anyway. It is just now I put that to use. I would like to make wireless setup with my adventure bikes using HAM. That way when I fall, which happens frequently you will remember, I can make a transmission even if I am off the bike an unplugged. I think t can be done. But I'm not very bright and would rather. Copy what someone else has done and not try to create it myself. I forgot o send in my change of address when I moved so I didn't get my renewal notice. My attention was brought to this subject of wireless and dongles when I was researching getting a license again. KG6EWP (expired) clear.
  3. RogerTOWM

    Radios or Bluetooth?

    First I would encourage everyone to be licensed. But you do not need a license to monitor (listen to) ham radio. There are substantial fines for transmitting without a license. That being said it is legal to transmitt without a license in an emergency. So you can summon help for Paul if he needs it. But getting licensed is not that hard. Even an idiot like me was able to get licensed. You can find classes and testing in the communications section of this site. You can find online courses and also practice tests online. Keep taking the online tests until you pass them all. The have the same questions you will be asked on the real test. Go ahead an get the radio while you are working toward the license. You can always monitor the radio and besides you don't want to miss a certain someone's singing. Has anyone tried using a Bluetooth dongle on their ham? They appear to be about twenty bucks online. You can also get Bluetooth push to talk (PTT) buttons. Pair that up with a cheap Bluetooth headset and you should be able to go wireless. I have not tried it yet but was wondering if anyone has. I am interested if you could bypass the PTT with VOX?
  4. Just checking in. I've seen several of Juan's YouTube videos. He has quite interesting hobbies. He has also kept updated on the Oroville Dam. I have a couple of friends living in Paradise so I was interested in the dam. One of my friends lost his home in the Camp Fire. The other friend''s house in the only one not destroyed on his block.
  5. RogerTOWM

    Happy Birthday Roger

    You be able to get a smoking deal, that bike looks really good. You need a Birthday Bike......... No I need my head examined. To many bikes I can't ride right now.
  6. RogerTOWM

    Happy Birthday Roger

    Thanks Guys and Gal. I drove into Oceanside on my birthday. I'm staying with my daughter for a couple weeks will I take care of some things. I would go for a ride this weekend but the only bike I have here is my Harley. I went by GP cycle today and talked with Paul. I think I like the Husky TR650. It isn't a race bike but then I'm not a racer. I've heard good things about the 650 rotax engine.
  7. RogerTOWM

    My Boy Cody at the Desert Dash

    Unlike his owner Randy!
  8. If i can talk my father-in-law into joining me I may try to be there. I'll have just sat for the bar in Denver, and likely in need of a holiday. I'll bet Wayne still has the tracks from our trip in 09. Strega may have them on his site.
  9. Westfest is being held in Buena Vista again this year (2013). Is anyone planning on going? I may meet a friend from the San Diego area and ride with him there.
  10. RogerTOWM

    Westfest Adventure

    I'm thinking about going to WestFest again this year. Only this time I'll be starting from Texas. Anyone want to meet me there?
  11. RogerTOWM

    New Toy

    Darn we lost John to the orange kool aid. Looks nice buddy.
  12. RogerTOWM

    Is this a smart think to do?

    Looked to me that the "white puffs" were on the ground, like bullet impacts. I have not heard an AK fire for over thirty years so I don't really remember the proper sound. Is this film clip fake? I don't know. I just thought it was funny.
  13. RogerTOWM

    New bike in the stable

    Sweet bike. how is the seat?
  14. RogerTOWM

    Is this a smart think to do?

    Have any of you seen this?
  15. Political issues are all connected. How can we talk about the above issues with out talking politics? That I do not understand. How can you talk about the high price of fuel in Kalifornia without mentioning the government rules and regulations put in by politicians that add to the price in the Peoples Republic. Why can I license a 2 stroke in Texas or Arizona but not California? How can I talk about it without mentioning politics?