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  1. stageracer

    Wife's First Bike

    I'm selling my wife's 2014 KLX 250, Had it lowered and sprung for her (5'3, 115 lbs) if you're interested.
  2. stageracer

    Otay-Mother Grundy

    So, the west entrance by the prison is shut. Sheriff only letting trucks that are doing construction. Coudn't find a way in with the ADV so ended up going in at Pio Pico
  3. I checked some tracks off DS maps and saw a loop through Mother Grundy off 94. Is that still accessible for DS or big bike riding? Also curious about lucky six TT if it's gated or an open connector.
  4. stageracer

    poway Ktm

    Poway wanted to charge me 6 hrs labor for an oil change, clutch plate replacement and valve adjustment...just sayin'...
  5. Great guys and great prices. $50 mount if you bring the wheel into them
  6. stageracer

    Valle De Guadlupe, OCT 14th Sat

    Might be up for that ride. New member and looking to ride as much as possible.
  7. stageracer

    Calling all Big Bear pros

    I have some GPX tracks for that area. PM me
  8. stageracer

    Repairing KTM turn signal stems

    I have a couple lying around. PM me