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  1. pablo.gyds03

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    It's the industrial area south of the prison. I had a feeling that he may be over that way, there's a trail that goes under the 125.
  2. pablo.gyds03

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    I believe the small pond is here 32.638971, -116.792698, or close to here, I know its before you head down the steep grade, it's semi- close to the pink gate. If you head past the Pink gate headed east the grass is really over grown in this area 32.644920, -116.815884 it eventually leads back to Pio Pico.
  3. pablo.gyds03

    Question about otay mtn truck trail

    I was out there late last year, went south on Marrron Valley Rd. and ran into those Marines, They just told me to turn around. I want to check out the Mine down there.
  4. pablo.gyds03

    Sat. 8am Pio pico Otay

    Bunny hill is pretty Gnarly to say the least, I took my truck down it but didn't want to exit through the rock bed, so I went back up.
  5. Great ride indeed! Thanks for posting
  6. I'm in, KLR 650 See you guys in the AM.