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  1. Boston Mangler

    Buttes Seven April 2016

    Thanks for letting me tag along. Great ride and great to meet everyone! Thanks to Bagster for being a kickass guide and doing a great job making sure we were all together and safe. If you look at my face in this pic, you can see disappointment. Bowers lured me to this ride with the promise of free snacks at each stop. Turned out it was all a lie! Still had a great time! Thanks!
  2. Boston Mangler

    carb help (advice), I think

    This was my bike.. A little history.. I fired it up and ran it just before I left for Alaska on July 23rd. Was going to give it a good go over this weekend, but the shipper gave me 4 hours notice that he was picking it up the same day he called me so I didn't get a chance. I don't think 2 months would be enough to gum up the carb at all, but anything is possible. Super bummed to hear this, as I take a lot of pride in my bikes. Also super bummed I didn't get to give it a once over.. Please keep me/us posted on what it ends up being. Bike ran perfect before I left for Alaska, so it HAS to be something simple. Thanks K
  3. Lurking and very interested in heading back
  4. Boston Mangler

    Reasonable Cost for Carb Cleaning

    What bike is this on? If its the DRZ, they have known issues with the pilots clogging, and if i am not mistaken, you can pull that out and clean it without even removing the carb off the bike. Where are you located? I like Beer! What exactly is bike doing to make you think its dirty carb?
  5. I'm out for this one. Focusing on the National on Jan 25th at Johnson Valley. Have fun and kick ass!
  6. That is awesome! Are the loops the same loop ran twice? ie.. chance of getting run over by Brabec or any of the other uber fast folks?
  7. Thank you! Yeah, its been a lot of years, but i used to race a lot of longer Hare Scrambles back home. But back then i was in tip top shape, now i am fat and just use more throttle. The D37 Scramble i did a few months ago, that method was key. I ran at 60% and about 1/2 in, 1/2 the field was either whooped of had yardsaled their bikes. To finish first, first you must finish!
  8. God Dayum This Looks FUN!!
  9. That seems to be my specialty!
  10. That is exactly what i am looking for. Back home i raced NETRA from 94-99 on a XR250 and a KDX 200. Missed the harder terrain! I used to be decent, now i just hang on for dear life and try to finish.
  11. I will be racing round 1 at Johnson Valley on the 25th. Let me know if you are attending and we can meetup. I will be there Fri-Sunday, # N245, easy to spot, big huge ugly bald dude
  12. A bit too far for me. Gotta work at 4am Monday!
  13. Ok.. Now i am VERY interested! Been wanting to ride up in that area! Let me check some things on my schedule. Looks like we would be in the same class for the Lost in the Woods Race. This is the one i was thinking about: http://www.district37ama.org/offroad/calendar/2015/jan/2015_dmc.jpg
  14. STRONG Maybe! What class you sign up for? I plan on doing the National Jan 25th, not sure if can swing both, but want to!
  15. Boston Mangler

    D38 2015

    I'll be doing most of the D37 scrambles this year. I like the D37 terrain a lot better than just sand sand sand of D38 Down to carpool if interested