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  1. slagnado

    SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    His celebration will be a noon, the time changed due to another event that day, Christie just posted it on FB. Im at a loss of words, Arnie...what a great guy! May he race in peace!
  2. slagnado

    New member - Ramona - need KLR

    ?❤️what a great guy! I'm still in shock.
  3. I wanna go......urgh I'm moving this weekend...
  4. slagnado

    Ride for Tree

    Thank you for putting this together. I'm in.
  5. slagnado

    Cancer Update

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. My sister recently has gone through this and she prefers to keep her journey more private, message or call me if you want. HUGS!
  6. I'm so overdue...I just don't have any days off this month. GO Go GO and a plan will come to you!
  7. I will try to make it. Would love to see you and the hack:)
  8. I ran across this on Nextdoor and it was disheartening, the owner was in a skateboarding accident a year ago and needed to sell the bike to help with expenses as he recovers. Keep your eyes peeled. If you see it, details below, send Deb a message at: b.deborahlynn@gmail.com. If you would like to make a donation, Christian has a GoFund Me. He needed the money from the bike to help cover ongoing expenses and get a service dog. https://www.gofundme.com/wearewithyoutz "Sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning, a black 2009 Harley Davidson Dyna was taken on 24th St. between A & B. We believe, according to watchful neighbors, that it was rolled down to 22nd St. and then loaded on a truck there this afternoon around 3 pm. Neighbors' description, including a military sticker and the bike never having been seen there before, indicate this was likely the stolen Harley. A police report has been filed. If you have any information that would be helpful in locating this motorcycle, please e-mail address: b.deborahlynn@gmail.com. The bike was actually for sale as my son, the owner, was involved in a skateboarding accident in August, 2015 that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Funds from the sale of the bike were intended to help with expenses as he continues to recover from this injury. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Deb" added notes from Deb- The base sticker was from Annapolis and isn't current as the bike formerly belonged to my son's Dad. The license number is 22C6623 and VIN # 1HD1GM4159K340867 The gal on 22nd, Gayleen, said it was two fellows loading the bike. One younger and one 60-ish, wearing.. a Harley t-shirt. Small truck (maybe el camino even) and old trailer. We figure it's already been torn down and being sold. Brand new engine. We do now have LOTS of accessory parts to offer for sale.
  9. I'll see you at the flat track...look for the Triumph cafe dirt bike:) If anyone wants to ride out, I'm leaving Influx cafe in Golden Hill at 10:00...slabbing it.
  10. I might meet for flat track and lunch on the Triumph. What time do you think you'll get there? If anyone wants to do a street ride with me.
  11. I'm in. I'm gone most of August do I can't make it down to help. Hit me up before Aug. 6th or after the 20th for $. Thank you!
  12. I planned on getting some made to take to the Saw Mill, too. They asked me for a few. I need to get them laminated.

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