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  1. SDAR is awesome! I needed info about trails in Idyllwild so I used the search pane and it brought me to this write. Great description of the ride with good directions. We only rode the Mt Thomas part this weekend, but we will go back to do the rest of it. I can't believe I never knew about Idyllwild trails before now. Thanks Crawdaddy for laying out a great route. This was my son's first ride on his Dakar on dirt and he did great. IMG_4488.MOV
  2. As of Wed morning at 1:38 I am ahead by over 12 points. Thank you everyone.
  3. Thanks Carguy. Now I need a bunch more East County votes. Please pass the word to all your friends and once I get elected, let's have a SDAR event at the Capitol. Brian
  4. City Slicker

    Earthquake Photos

    cool desert pics
  5. http://ivpressonline.mycapture.com/mycaptu...ategoryID=54417
  6. City Slicker

    Yachts---More not related to motorcycles

    Am I missing something?...Where's the pictures?
  7. OOOPS. Just saw Yeti's write up about Corral Canyon.
  8. I saw Mimi's McCain Valley write up. How was Corral Canyon?
  9. Sean from SD BMW Motorcycles is planning to be at Corral Canyon on Sunday with the new G450X and conducting demo rides. Bring your license.
  10. City Slicker

    Need new garage door

    I thought it was going to be a drive-thru type post http://www.maniacworld.com/closelined-by-a-garage-door.html
  11. City Slicker

    Garmin GPS60CSx under $300

    Costco still has the 60cx for $219 http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?...topnav=&s=1 The 60cx does not have the electronic compass and altimeter.
  12. City Slicker

    Any Mountain Bikers?

    Be careful if you are using clip in's. They pin your foot and mess up your knee. Set them up loose if you are using them. I broke by KHS in Sep and just got in the shop. I'll be up for a ride after I get it fixed. ACL- been there three times. Never from a bike.
  13. City Slicker

    Golden Eagle Predators

    who's the dude in the hat at the beginning of the video (second 21-23)?
  14. City Slicker

    10 news this morning

    GP and MF need to contact their State Assembly member and State Senator. I'm happy to help if they need it.
  15. How much is that in real dollars?