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  1. pyro

    FREE GEAR to Donate !!!

    Hey Randy! I'm doing good. Wishing you well and sending all the best to you and to any and all of my old buddies here at SDAR. I am in the midst of big change once again and downsizing big time. I got into a rough spot this morning when the legendary 'Pyro Suit' came out of the closet. So many great memories and fun times with SDAR back in the day. It became obvious pretty quickly what I wanted to do. So now all the gear is gone just like that, passed on to some very good people from the club that will use it. And I feel pretty good about that. (you guys better frickin' use it ok?? haahahahah) !! ROCK ON SDAR FOREVER !!
  2. pyro

    FREE GEAR to Donate !!!

    Going .... going.... GONE! Thank you.
  3. Hello all. I want to donate all my used gear to SDAR. Everything needs to go asap. Come and get it now before it gets donated to DAV. It's pretty much all size XL and is used but in pretty good shape. I am +6' and +200lbs. Items include but are not limited to: Cycleport Full Adventure Suit - Pants and Jacket with all wind/waterproof liners and insulators Spider AX Dual Sport Jacket with liners Thor Chest Armor + Pants + Boots Wolfman KLR tank Bag + Large Duffle bag + Tool Bag Alpinestar kneepads, gloves Bead Buddys, tire irons, roll charts 2 Helmets (1 street 1 dirt) and moooooooore! If someone can come pick up everything that would be great. I am located in Carlsbad for a couple more days. You could make some money selling it, but my preference is that goes to riders who need it and will use it.
  4. Howdy Ya'll. I got caught up in a blizzard last week traveling between Wyoming and Nebraska. It turned into quite an adventure and I'm happy to say I made it through in one piece. Some others weren't as lucky . . . There was tons of snow coming down, ice, high winds and total white-out conditions to keep things interesting. It all started in Utah. The roads were still good you can see the pavement. My landing gear froze up pretty good . . . The trailer was picking up some snow . . . But the Freightliner didn't seem to mind it too much. As the weather deteriorated we start to see some signs of carnage. In Wyoming it started hitting full force. Visability went to zero, my wipers kept icing and defrosters couldn't keep up. About an hour from Nebraska state line I came out the other end. Blue skies and no snow, what a relief! Done for the day and the trucks thawing out. Had some dinner and hit the sack early. I was completely exausted . . . Next morning I awoke to this. The freakin thing had caught up to me with a vengence. Now it was packing 30-50mph winds, gusting up to 70mph they said. There was 2-3 foot snow drifts building up on hoods and between trucks. Once it got light out some trucks started to move, including mine It was sheer mayhem out there and the road was solid ice in some spots. A few trucks were jacked in the center median. Here's another victim. There weren't enough wreckers in all of Nebraska to tow this many trucks . . . It went on like that for hours. Under the circumstances it was surprising that any of us made it at all. But I kept my truck on the road, as did most of us out there that day. The End. Sincerely, -Trucker T (aka Pyro) :torch:/>
  5. pyro

    SDAT - San Diego Adventure Trucker

    Hey thanks for all your replies and cool comments and stories. I live in a very different world now its true, and it really means a lot to see all you here on this thread. Some of the best people I've met in this life are from right right here in SDAR so thanks again friends and keep on keepin' on doing your thing! Classic to hear a little of the old school Schneider history. They are a good company and I would recommend them to any new or aspiring pro drivers out there. They've done everything they said they would do which is rare in this industry from what I've heard. Hey by the way that bridge by c&h . . From what I recall its a toll bridge and they charge by the axel. I made the mistake of crossing, cost me like $20! Nice view though and u can see the old bridge under it as u go. Since I made this post I covered another 10k miles or so, got a new boss and a new truck. This one is a grey 2012 with less than 50k on it! I miss my old orange one but not that much. It was a 2011 with almost 300k. When I get back on a computer and find a wifi I'll post up some more pics. Until then, Ride On Amigos!
  6. pyro

    SDAT - San Diego Adventure Trucker

    Next morning looking good. The snow plows were running finally. Redding CA the next morning after an extreme driving experience the night before. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Ride on and Drive on forever SDAR! Sincerely, -pyro
  7. Happy Holidays to you SDAR ! As some of you may know, I've taken a break from my Adventure Riding activities to take a job as the worlds first San Diego Adventure Trucker. I turned in my KLR650 for a Tractor Trailer and a weekly pay check. It's been quite an adventure so far. I've clocked in over 20,000 miles in the last couple months running freight all over the western region. Here's a few pics from my first couple months as a professional driver: Here's my truck, A 2011 Freightliner Cascadia. Not bad huh? First week on the job. She runs good and strong. Pyramid Lake I think Heading into downtown ghetto LA at the end of week 1. 5:30pm friday. Easy to get around on a moto. Not so easy in a 70ft rig . . Week2 -> Deliver a load of horse bedding to a private ranch. Made a new friend 8-] Pick up 40,000 lbs of brown rice to haul from CA to WA Woke up to snow for the 1st time 1st time on snowy roads in the rig The bridge from OR to WA Heading over Mt Shasta Had a great sit down meal in Weed, CA Parked just outside of Oakland ready for delivery in the am Saw this wreck just happened while heading out of Sacramento area Nevada tunnel to Arizona? Heading towards Salt Lake City Thermoplant Great Salt Lake Prepped for salt flat run Sunset on the road Awesome truck stop had fireworks, knives, liquor and beer! I didn't buy anything . . . What more can I say? Sunset in Salt Lake City Found some dirt trails in Apple Valley, CA Cool bridge after delivering to C&H Sugar factory Has to be Oregon. I love it ! I almost ran out of gas . . . Ran out of hours and almost got stuck in the mud trying to park it 500hp got me outa trouble Sacramento River under I-5 Lake Shasta Last week OR heading for WA Drove for hours in this No problemo (for me) Big problemo here. That's a rig flipped over on the shoulder . . . The weather continued to go down hill Trying to leave OR but I-5 was shut down . . . So I pulled off the hwy and camped out Found a nice spot under a tree to wait it out The $hit hit the fan with several multi-car/big rig accidents on the mountain passes that day . I'm glad I quit when I did. It turned into blizzard conditions Just before night fall
  8. Hey ya'll ! Just a heads up . . Enjoy your last couple months of relative safety out on those highways. I've decided on a career change. I'll be going to truck driving school to get my Commercial Drivers License pretty soon here. I want to drive the biggest most badass trucks possible! I was thinking something like this: ¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤¤†‡¤†‡¤ What do ya think?
  9. Hey thanks ya,ll ! Randy, sounds awesome I'll check it out asap. Hey bikeslut, put down the club brother! Don't stress it man, no worries . . . That's why god made people like me. I got you covered in the digital realm anytime. 8-)
  10. Hello friends. I am currently looking for work. Please keep me in mind for all your Digital Design needs. For more information including my Resumé, Portfolio and Contact information, please visit my website here: http://troywedberg.atekmarketing.com/ I am especially excited about the possibility of putting my myriad of digital skills to work for you in a motorcycle-centric environment. Thanks very much! -Troy Wedberg
  11. pyro

    Working at Airtech ?

    Thanks so much Ken, that's great info! If anyone else has anything please let me know. Take care, -pyro
  12. pyro

    Working at Airtech ?

    Hi all. I just applied for a job at Airtech. It seems like a perfect fit for me (and them) but they specifically asked for no calls or walk-ins regarding the position. Therefore I have to hope my awesome email will catch their eye. But I know from experience that when you post a job on craigslist or other public domains, the result is usually 1000's of responses. I will probably have to call or walk in to follow up with them in a few days anyway, if I don't here back. So I'm wondering if anyone here has a contact at the company. It would be a huge help if I could just get a word in to the right person and direct them to my email. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, -pyro
  13. pyro

    KLR650 for sale: Clean One Owner

    mawAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH . . . This is pure awesomeness !

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