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Picked up a portable MX Ramp

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Ever since I moved in I've thought about building a couple of jumps on my property. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent this was going to require more earthmoving equipment than just a rake and shovel, so I researched alternatives. I came upon the Ricky Johnson Portable Moto Jump Ramp, made by skatepark equipment manufacturer Freshpark. I wasn't quite ready to pay full price, but when a never-used one showed up on craigslist I figured what the hell. It's light enough (< 180 lbs) to carry on the RZR or with a friend,  easy to set up, and folds for storage and moving. The ramp height adjusts between 19, 32, and 40 inches. Seems like it'll be fun to mess around with in the yard and next to camp!




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42 minutes ago, tntmo said:

I hope to see this in the desert some time this season.....

You know it! I figure if we put it up against the slip face of a small dune the windward side will make a nice landing. 

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