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  1. It's weird that I see way more ride reports than upcoming rides/invites....
  2. Something just came up... I'm out for Friday
  3. I might be down for Friday again... Can't do SAT/SUN. Also on 650.
  4. Friday S1 stuff

    I haven't ridden in over a month so I'm a little rustier/slower than usual... But I'll come out and ride around for awhile
  5. Can You Say Happy Birthday Van?

    Happy birthday buddy
  6. Smoking deal diesel oil

    It's 5w40 synthetic
  7. Smoking deal diesel oil

    For the diesel truck guys, Oriellys has a crazy good deal on Mobil1 5/40 diesel oil right now... Reg price $33, it's $8 off in store and has a $10 mail in rebate per gallon making it $15 per gallon! Just bought 3 gallons I'll probably stop by and get another 3...
  8. Local

    How about a beer per trail?! nickel beer is pretty good?
  9. Local

    Haha it's a very small collection....I mainly just ride around Chariot/oriflame/Rodriguez/Mason valley maybe a little banner toll road I'm sure you've seen it all already!
  10. Local

    Cool man sounds good! I need to add some more local rides to my collection!
  11. Local

    I live in Julian but I usually work weekends. If you are ever riding in the area Thursday or Friday or even late afternoon any other day, hit me up! I'd like to learn of these phantom and ghost trails!
  12. Something smells fishy....

    Damn I should have taken screen shots...It was this mom selling her son's 08 kx250 for $500 because he was bad and you were supposed to go knock on this door to see the bike.... There was a sign on the door that said the bike was gone but that was from the jealous neighbor just ignore it lol knock really loud !
  13. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcy/d/kxfneeds-to-go-son-cant/6625322409.html Somebody please go knock on this door!
  14. 2019 CRF 450 L

    Haha exactly! It's the cowboy not the horse right?