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  1. I think corral is closed... You might want to check before you go.
  2. MauleR

    Info on Euro bikes

    Thanks Ken I'll check it out!
  3. MauleR

    Info on Euro bikes

    Thanks for the info guys! I guess I'm still wondering what changes have happened and what year? With the KTM I believe it was supposedly a whole new bike for 2017? So before 2017 when was the last major changes?? Going back to 2014 have there been any changes that you would consider a game changer? Are the 17s and newer enough of an improvement to justify the extra money? Thanks!
  4. MauleR

    Info on Euro bikes

    Haha I had actually read the opposite, that the PDS was better in the slower more technical stuff and the linkage was better in fast desert settings and whoops! I probably wouldn't notice the difference lol.
  5. MauleR

    Info on Euro bikes

    Thanks for the info! That's the sort of thing I'm looking for as far as what years to avoid and why.
  6. MauleR

    Info on Euro bikes

    Hey guys, I am seriously considering buying either a KTM or Husky 500 plated bike. I know the majority of you all ride one of these and I would like to hear your opinions. First, It seems that the main difference between KTM and Husky are the color and PDS or linkage... I'm leaning towards the linkage but not sure if I could really tell the difference. Second, I don't really know what changes have happened over the last few years. I know that 2017 was a all new bike, should I only look at 17 and newer? Or would a 15 or 16 be good if I found a good deal?? I prefer to buy a used bike that someone else has already spent the money to set it up with exhaust, bigger tank, etc... Thanks! Brian
  7. That explains why Rigger runs his muffler with zero packing... Haha
  8. I'm still in...New rear tire tomorrow and a few little misc items and I'm ready to go.
  9. Thanks dress4less! I have a rain/windbreaker jacket I will get a pair of those pants. The forecast of rain has already changed to partly cloudy so.....🙄 I will also have a couple emergency blankets in my pack CID! FYI for those with the E32 Baja maps they just released the 2019 update, if you bought the 2018 version it's a free upgrade.
  10. I don't really have cold weather gear let alone full on rain gear. I was planning on just using my regular pants/Jersey and adding a few layers for warmth but that's not going to fly for three days of riding in rain.
  11. I'm planning on dotting the I's with the fmm and ins so I'll be crossing with the earlier group... How warm are you all dressing?? It's been cold this week out in east county, I'm hoping it warms up a little!