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  1. I'm at the Escondido store right now having some atc tires mounted. Trevor is asking for whom ever is in charge of club discounts from SDAR to please reach out to him as he'd like to work something out with us. Contact Trevor directly trevor@8ball.tires
  2. Did they hire the designers from Hurricane Cycles for this project?!
  3. Commuting with Murderers

    I've been considering the camera thing too Zubb. Anyone using one that may have suggestions or opinions on what they like or dislike in cameras? I read through that link and then had to know what kind of time she got. 6 years doesn't seem enough. We all get mad but I can't imagine going that far.
  4. Commuting with Murderers

  5. Commuting with Murderers

    Couldn't agree with you more, better to be safe than sorry. The scariest part to me was that this maniac continued to pursue even after I left him the first time. That is concerning to me. Wasn't me today but sometimes when the bees get stirred, they eventually sting someone, justified or not. Scary.
  6. Commuting with Murderers

    Warning to riders that ride 67S in the morning from Ramona and Poway (5-5:30am). This morning (5:15am) as I approached Scripps Poway PKWY; I could see a truck sitting at the light. Looked like a newer pearl white Chevy 4 door (possibly a newer ford supercrew). I could tell by his behavior that he was going to pull out in front of me, so I prepared to safely pull around him. I roll into the throttle and pull around the right safely (as he pulled into the left lane directly from the light). Right at the merge I notice that he is now drag racing me and not planning to let me in so I blip the throttle to get safely in front (although I should've probably braked and gotten behind). From Scripps to the top of the Slaughterhouse hill he rides so close to my rear tire that I was genuinely concerned that he may clip me. I stayed as close to the truck in front of me as I could without adding more risk. With the new anti passing poles they added I was stuck in that situation. Right at the top where it opened into 2 lanes I opened the throttle, pulled around the truck and car in front of me and set off down Slaughterhouse moving t a speed I knew he couldn't touch. At the bottom where it straightens out I see him in my mirror again. Clearly he is doing at or near 100mph (+/-). He pulls up behind me, I switch lanes and get into the brakes pretty hard so he'll shoot by. He is on the brakes hard too, flashing his lights and makes the right into his work at the aggregate company. It is very difficult to do the right thing, the safe thing and "get away". Everything inside me says pull over and fight, follow him into his work and fight... however I did none of the such, I simply tried to get away. Not sure if this is his daily route. I will be going out of my way and taking Wildcat for a while. We all know that we are amongst murderers, I want to be sure that I inform you guys when I encounter one. Be safe out there Jon
  7. Welcome to the site! In the for sale section I have a DRZ400E listed.
  8. When do you want to ride? And where do you live?
  9. I have a DRZ 400 listed on here. hit me up I'm willing to deal. Jon
  10. Tall newbie bike needed

    I am going to hang on to it until I sell the bike.
  11. Tall newbie bike needed

    As mine sits, AZ plated, $2600 I also have a plated current CA frame that I would sell with it for additional $.
  12. Tall newbie bike needed

    I have a DRZ400 I'm considering parting with, FMF pipe, Big Acerbis tank, Rear fender bag, Trailtech dash. Ready to ride, plated.
  13. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    Was really looking forward to meeting you guys in person however, I will be unable to make it on that date. Maybe next time...
  14. poway Ktm

    A friend of mine works with him, can't remember the name of the place in Santee. They are not an authorized KTM shop and are not tooled to work on KTM's electronically. Going to have to find a new shop I guess...
  15. poway Ktm

    I heard that they lost Tim, he was one of the mechanics at All American. Not sure where to go now.