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  1. I'm switch over to a 2011 KTM 300 XC from my 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F, in an effort to be faster in the last two Hare and Hound races this year. If I can ride just a bit faster, I could win the series (novice over 50). I'm taking the level 3 class at Motoventures on july 20. If anybody wants to join that would be fun.
  2. Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    Did you guys ride? It was my first ride on the 2 stroke. I can ride my line better with it but 70 miles with stiff suspension was a lot. Went over Devels hole and Redonda ridge the easy way. Best part might have been cooling off in Deep creek.
  3. Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    Looks like I'm headed to silverwood and a ride to arrowhead. I'll ride corral next weekend
  4. Corral Canyon Sunday 7/1

    I'd like to ride Sunday at Corral. The campground just below four corners is better for me. I'll be running my plated but not really legal 2 stroke. 9am works.
  5. Devon, Kenny and I gave the hard loop a pretty good try. I took a quick look at the video I recorded and I did get some usable clips. Hopefully I'll have a video out in a few weeks. This year I did much better than last year but still did not finish. I got to mile 160 out of 210 and was too fatigued and or dehydrated to ride safely anymore. Some machine damage and sore quads are a nice paring to my bruised ego. Maybe next year? We had a slight delay with a flat ... check the picture out. Only a moose would have kept you rolling with that stuck in your tire. Also, check the gps data... we had a pretty good moving average (18.6 showing). The trip up Redonda ridge is what killed my ride. Way too much energy and time to get up that hill. I have video of Kenny and Devon going up one of the hardest sections. 175 riders started the hard loop and 29 finished. This is seriously a hard ride. At the end we had 50 more miles to go, including 38 special, and 2.5 hours remaining. It was a good effort. I really want to thank Devon and Kenny for riding with me.
  6. WR250R maiking progress

    I like the diet pic. I bought one because of the service intervals. Finally gave up on my version of the 250R weight loss program. The guy I sold it to rode it to Tennessee. Holy cow I would not do that on my ktm
  7. 2018 big bear dual sport

    I'm using a Garmin virb ultra. It collects a lot of data and offers lots of options for display. I had to jump off the gopro wagon but I know they have a competing product.
  8. 2018 big bear dual sport

    It was really fun riding with Kenny and Brian. Here's a clip of White Mountain. This hill was about 80 miles into our ride.
  9. 2018 big bear dual sport

    Anybody up for riding 90 miles of last year's hard loop this weekend? The route I have planned includes Redonda ridge, Devils hole and White mountain. There will be some tough sections on this ride. This would be a training ride for the 2018 Big Bear Dual sport, an AMA sanctioned event. I can probably program your Garmin GPS so you can practice using it. The planned ride would stage at Fawnskin. Maybe meet for breakfast at the North Shore cafe at 8:30? The ride is 90 miles and there would be gas at about 50 miles at Arrowhead. I could go either Saturday or Sunday. If you are interested in going, you can text me or respond here. 619.977.9865 Thanks, Pete
  10. First ride with a Recluse

    I have the core 3.0 and it works perfectly. No creeping and it engages smoothly just above idle. I'm running it on my 500 exc-f and just followed the instructions. No idea why the 300 xc might be different.
  11. 2018 big bear dual sport

    We also rode up 38 Special ( 1N38 ) and that hill did not disappoint. Last year, it was at about mile 180 out of 210. (I only made it to mile 90). It's steep with rocks and no runup to the steep part. The common wisdom is to air down and they have a pump at the bottom so you can air back up for the remainder of the ride. I made it up with a Rekluse and a mousse. Kenny made it up with actual clutch talent. Brian didn't make it to the top but he didn't try to air down either. I will be using a tube for the ride in June. Have not looked at the video yet to see if I got anything worth editing. And ... see if the camera was on when Kenny was hoping it was not. I'm planning to go back up the hill on Thursday and stay for the Big Bear trail riders meeting on Saturday. I'm told they normally do a ride after their meeting and I want to go. Here's what I'm thinking to pique SDAR rider interest. Thursday afternoon: Go back to 38 special and see if I can ride it up clean. I may put some old cameras out on the trail to get some interesting shots and work the steep part a few times. This I can do without a safety rider because there is cell service and it's very close to highway 38. But it would be way better to have riders who like hill climbs. There is no point to starting the hard loop unless you can go up this hill. Friday: Do a bit of a longer loop going in at Fawnskin and ride Redonda Ridge, Devils hole and White mountain. Last year my cooling system blew up at the top of White mountain. These are not easy trails and I would not do them without at least one other rider, two would be better. I can send a detailed ride plan if that helps someone load up their truck. I'll have to call and make sure the roads and tracks are open. Pretty cool you can do that huh. Friday plan B. Go hang out at Redonda ridge and see if I can tag along with other riders. Saturday: Ride with BBTR if they go and head home after that. Here's some links to the route we did on Saturday sans 38 special. These links should work in Google earth or Chrome. Paste the link and select Satellite view. the inbound section https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HUbWH2NMAmSYsIDkesK_7EToBo3ueRVg and the outbound section https://drive.google.com/open?id=1azjjsiCxzTqUB_wluHpm-0GQY5wEVCSk
  12. 2018 big bear dual sport

    You do need a plated bike for most of the trails. Staging? Not sure yet. One good ride would be starting at Gold mtn and do a loop up John Bull, and return over Gold. I also really want to ride 38 Special but I would rather truck machines there to avoid the pavement wear. The other hill on my list is White mtn. I think I'll be heading up this weekend and be there off and on for the week.
  13. Is anyone interested in riding sections of the Big Bear hard loop in the next two weeks? I'm thinking about trying it again this year and need to do some rides up there. 38 special anyone?
  14. Texas road trip

    The rocks do look a little scary, but the traction is awesome. I think anyone with good clutch and brake control could ride those rocks safely and have fun. I use a Sopro (Not GoPro) chin mount for the camera.
  15. I went to Kalgary Texas to ride the round 3 Hare and Hound race. Don't think I need to go back to Texas anytime soon. Then I stopped by Moab on my way back. I was going to Northern NM anyway, so it really wasn't too far out of my way and I've always wanted to go. Absolutely need to go back to Moab. I just bought a flying camera in the hope that sometime in the future I can make a video that captures what I saw in Moab. Here's a Video of the trip. It's a little long at 11 minutes but I tried some new things that might be fun. The next two races are in Jericho UT. Comments on the vid are appreciated. Pete