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  1. Moab March lets go!

    Rode Slickrock and Fins and things today as well as some just looking around. Got both east and west maps. Will try and look at the Shafer trail and Gemini bridges on my way out tomorrow. This place is huge.
  2. Moab March lets go!

    Alyeska, what shorter routes were you going to do? I ended up going as it wasn't that far out of my route home.
  3. Robert, I looked at your results and you kicked ass! Congrats on a good run. I got 4th out of 7 in the Super Seniors C class. And I'm happy with that. I got my video out but the first loop was mostly flat so not very interesting video. Pete For what it's worth ...
  4. Two thumbs up for IMS customer support! I bought an IMS 3.2 gallon tank (because I was tired of running out of gas) and it didn't fit very well. I used it far longer than I should have and I probably shouldn't have used it at all after I noticed the tank was actually rubbing on the valve cover. Two pretty good things came from this problem. First, the tank is way tougher than I would have thought. I have at least 50 hours on this and the tank damage is minimal. Second, when I called IMS, they say they knew of the issue and had a design update. After emailing them my purchase receipt, they mailed me a new tank! For free! So I either paid way too much for the tank or IMS really wants to take care of their customers. Info in the photos below includes how to ID the old and new designs (new design has a "RV-2") and the clearance the new tanks has. Photos details New tires and tank - overview Contact on bike - valve cover is slightly worn Contact on tank - Tank has slightly more damage than the valve cover but not that much New Clearance - I put some puddy on the valve cover contact area and installed the tank to measure what the new clearance is. This is a cross section at the contact area. Old tank ID - the old tank is marked "KTM - 27" New tank ID - the new tank is marked "KTM - 27" With an additional ID line of "RV-2" Pete
  5. I ended up taking Dirt Dame's single track class. I had fun and definitely got the workout I was looking for. Also got to see lots of the area that I have not been to before. Thanks!
  6. I would rather have traction than greasy mud, so Lark! Tuesday is still looking good for me.
  7. I need to do some midweek riding and want go with other riders. My preference is to do the technical trails, single tracks and do balance training. I'm happy to ride slow and keep things safe. 10 or 10:30 at Corral or Lark canyon. Can't go on Valentine's day. Maybe Tuesday? There could be mud.
  8. Moab March lets go!

    I'll drive my 04 150 crew cab and drag my tiny toy hauler that only has two bunks. Could take at least two riders and gear.
  9. Moab March lets go!

    Wow, I've always wanted to go to Moab. I'm riding in Texas on March 10th and I'm open otherwise. Plated and insured. I'd like to do a video. A group of guys having fun and riding safely in an awesome place sounds like good material for video project.
  10. Yeah, I'd much rather things go south in the ugly stuff then while I'm pretending to be KenS. But I'm getting my machine re-sprung with the help of SteveG at C&D. So, I hope with some practice I can pick up a few MPH and still stay in my comfort zone.
  11. I did the 2018 Desert M/C AMA National Hare and Hound (Round 1) I got got 7th out of 16 in the novice Super Senior class. I'm happy with that or at least I'm mostly happy with that. Looking at the numbers, if I had just gone walking speed faster overall, I would have been a contender in this race. And I missed 6th place by 10 seconds. While working on the video, it is clear that I need to get a better start and work harder on the faster parts. Anyway, it was a good race in an area that I have not ridden in before. Good stuff. Comments on the video requested
  12. I want to ride tomorrow but can't get out there until about 10. Anybody want to ride in that timeslot?
  13. The latest NHHA schedule conflicts with the Desert Dash. Darn, please take me off the volunteer list.
  14. That's round 2 of the Hare and Hound series. The first is next weekend in Red Mountain. I'm planning on doing both.
  15. Club & 2018 Desert Dash Volunteers meeting

    I have a conflict and can't make the meeting tonight But, I'd like to be a sweep rider and will carve out time to meet later. I am willing to do other volunteer work too. Let me know what is needed. Pete Molloy 6199779865