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  1. These guys make this look so easy ... Sounds like they do multiple shows a day. You need to pay extra for them to do it in slow motion.
  2. HacksawPete

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Yeah, I felt bad passing without stopping. ( I said "hi" as I passed.) I didn't stop because I was doing a timed run. That was my 4th time doing that route in that direction. 13 minutes through John bull and 21 minutes over Gold mtn in my direction of travel. I'm sure someone is thinking that there's "noexcuse4that". What was funny to me is I knew there was some other single rider doing on the path from my previous runs. (it had rained so the tracks were obvious.) Most of the time my choice of line matched his. But a few time's I was thinking ... he went over there? On the next run I took his line and think it was a better choice.
  3. HacksawPete

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Sounds like me. Is this you? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GrlQvVd04FuGPBLhDdKf566IQ-UCjG7X That's a fun track. Not sure when I'm going up again but it would be fun to do some runs together. I'm riding with an Inreach but way better to ride with someone.
  4. HacksawPete

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    what trails did you ride? I was up there this week. I was riding from White mtn through John Bull and Gold. Someone else was riding solo on that track. Good weather for riding.
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    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    I'll be there too. Sounds like a good meeting.
  6. HacksawPete

    BBTR Big Bear Run

    I ran a mousse front and rear so i didnt have to carry anything having to do with fixing a flat. Traction was not my issue - overheating was. I'm 60 also and I like the hill climbs. Too bad I can't seem to get that plaque.
  7. HacksawPete

    BBTR Big Bear Run

    Devon, I would have bet money you would have finished. Damn. My gps started acting up before I even got to 38 Special. (It wouldn't show the trail if zoomed in enough to be useful.) 38 was a zoo when I was going up a little after 9. My 300, with no fan, also overheated and I had to wait for it to cool down. But the 300 with the Shinko cheater 505 tire was way better at climbing that hill than my 500. After 38 I tagged along with others to mostly stay on track. Finally gave up on the way to Redonda. With the cooler weather I thought this might be my year. Doubtful I'll try again in the normal heat.
  8. I took a riding class from Destry last year and thought he was a good instructor. My turning is definitely better as a result. I signed up for the April 28 group class. Thought I'd share this in case anybody is thinking about training. It's in west Phoenix area.
  9. Test 3 is the same both days too. The ISDE guys do all three loops 2 times Saturday and Sunday. My class did tests 1 and 2 three times on Saturday. Tough race that didn't go my way ... ended up in fourth. Test 3 might just be more fun than I'm rated for. But, the drive through the desert was amazing. I dont think I've ever seen the Desert with so much green, yellow and purple. Good luck to our other racers!
  10. My class is riding on the Saturday track. But I'm sure the Sunday track will be more fun. I just rode the Idaho NHHA round 3 so I'm ok with easy this weekend. See you there.
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    I don't get it

    Here's a very short clip from today's Sprint enduro. Can some of the race guys on here offer an opinion on what happened here. I interpreted the "race officials" were directing me to go to my right but the track is straight ahead, and they all know it. Did I get some bad directions here? in the first two seconds of this video, I see two race officials pointing to my right. I lost a 1:32 by going up the road. A friend of mine argued with the guy and got through. Was I just an idiot to not argue with them? I thought we were supposed to do what they say? There might have been a rider down ahead on the trail but I didn't see anyone. All of these guys knew where I was supposed to go. I don't get it? Other than that, the race was really good. Good challenging terrain and marked pretty well. Two thumbs up for Hill Toppers MC Bad_direction.mp4
  12. RJ is still doing the tech talks on Tuesday nights at 6:30. Last night it was field repairs and changing a tire. I wasn't really thinking I was going to get much out of it, but step 1 was new to me. 'Press the brake caliber in a bit before you do anything, and the disk will go back between the pads much easier.' (He demo's this stuff so you know what he's talking about even if my decsription is lacking) The other tire stuff was an interesting review or a different method. And there was the cool tire changing tool and pizza at the break. He also talked about restarting your bike after taking it under water. That was good stuff but I'll stay out of the deep stuff. The next talk is in 2 weeks on suspension. If your interested, call poway power sports and ask about the tech talks with RJ. Disclaimer: I buy stuff from C&D and don't get free stuff from anybody so this is not a Poway promotional thing. But RJ knows what he's talking about and it's worth my time to go. Get there early to get a seat.
  13. RJ, the owner of All American KTM ( Now closed ) is giving tech talks at Poway Power sports. I went last night and it was pretty good. RJ knows what he's talking about and it really was worth going for me. Apparently, he has 8 prepared discussions that he will rotate through, but he likes talking about motorcycles so questions get pretty good answers, even if they are off topic. Topics for 10/2: Fuel injected systems, problems and maintenance. Basic suspension service ( he replaced a fork seal on an open chamber fork showing us all the parts and tools req'd). But the discussion when way deeper than that. He talked about fuel: Av gas, race fuel, mixing fuel, Ethanol fuel, avoiding Ethanol fuel, effects of lead in fuel, effects of octane at higher altitudes and fuel additives. He talked about brake fluid - I've been using that stuff for a long time and I learned something. How to get your Estart only KTM going in the field with a low battery. How to tune your suspension, Adjusting for stability vs cornering, adjusting trail (not sure I was getting that part), air forks, the different types of forks, setting sag and more. He talked about a lot more and invited us to email him questions. I'm not promoting anything ( except maybe my videos ) and don't get anything from Poway power sports. I usually buy stuff at C&D, (where I also pay full price). But I got on the invite list by talking to Melo at Poway Power Sports. Probably anyone there could get you on the list if you want to go. Here's my promo and a request. Video from the Sept 23 Sprint Enduro. Can someone tell me if they see a "subscribe" button in it? I followed the youtube instructions, but it only shows for users that are signed in and not a subscriber. So, it probably works but I haven't seen it. From my last video, someone suggested that I give some background info on my bike and the ride. So, I put that in this one. Here's the video. Pete 619.977.9865
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    Neck Brace Study

    I've been wearing one for several years and it was very uncomfortable until I got the chest protector that was designed to work with it. It doesn't bother me at all now and I always wear it. Thanks for sharing the study.
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    How to do one handed 360's

    A lighter bike and an over inflated rear tire helps too.
  16. HacksawPete

    How to do one handed 360's

    I had to try it ,,,
  17. Me and the cowboy had a good ride today. We started at Fawnskin and rode Redonda ridge from big pine flats going to deep creek. Then did Devels hole and back the easy way. Somebody did trail maintenance on Redonda and I'm not sure I like it. The first bit is easier with lots of rocks cleared off the steep bit. I'm pretty sure the cowboy would have made it up had I not dumped it right in front of him blocking the path. The part I don't like is the "V" shaped rock section is filled in with big rocks. Hmmm. Found a stuck truck and later the owner who said "I went the wrong way". Photos ...
  18. I can come up and ride on Friday. (I have other commitments for the weekend.) I want to do something fairly short like ride redonda ridge and white mtn so you have lots of tread left on your tires to ride with Kenny.
  19. I added up my times from the photo i took of my fender card, and they match what I found online! I officially like the results and will probably do the series next year. Here's my instantiation of Devon's idea. I think it will work. Used 2 loop clamps and made a bracket to connect them.
  20. The broken tab is on the inside of the frame so access would be through the shock or airbox area. Talked to Steve at C&D and he said no problem welding on the frame. But I like TexasDualler's idea better.
  21. This was like civilized racing and I like it. You can start with your buddies and regroup at the end of the section. You can even choose to start a section behind the experts that would otherwise be blasting past you. My bike definitely did better in the sand with the forks dropped down in the tripleclamp. Sadly, I broke an exhaust hanger and might have to do a big tear down to weld it back on. Anybody know a good way to fix this let me know. I'm also including a picture of the fender card so you see how they record your times for each section.
  22. Wow. Now I know why they didn't let any novice riders do the second loop. Those hills look really steep from a camera that tends to make things look flatter than they really are.
  23. I'm in. I really don't know what to expect but I'll be up Saturday night and will try and finish. If it's fun, I may do the series next year.
  24. I did the national hare and hound at Panaca NV last month and wanted to share. This was probably my best ride even though there really wasn't any hills or technical sections. There was lots of sandy washes and some silt and I dropped the bike several times in it. Since this race I've modified my bike to be more stable in sand but have not ridden enough to know if it helped or not. This was my first race after transitioning to the lighter 2 stroke (2011 KTM 250XC). This vid is just helmet cam footage with some narration. Comments are appreciated. If anyone wants to work on videos let me know. Pete 619.977.9865 Sorry I couldn't make the meeting - I bowl on wednesday nights.