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  1. KTM exhaust pro Moto Billet spark arrestor

    This is an OBO!!
  2. I bought this KTM exhaust with a pro Moto billet spark arrestor hoping it would work on my 04 husky... it doesn’t. The inlet is not the right size and the mounting spots are off so it is up for sale. It came off an 07 250 xc-f, I am sure it will fit other KTM bikes I just don’t know what ones. I paid $80 for the whole set up and that is all I want for it! I make the commute from pine valley to mission valley Tuesday - Friday and can meet someone most any time those days somewhere in the city. Or you can make the trek out to me. $80 and it’s yours!
  3. new tires from wr 250

    I can make that work! Pm sent!
  4. Misc riding gear

    Alright, since I have absolutely no interest on here or Craigslist. It is all for free, if you want it let me know!
  5. new tires from wr 250

    I’ll take them, I need a friend and my dads bike needs a rear. This should work perfect for us. It might be a week before I can get out to borrego unless you come to pine valley at all
  6. Misc riding gear

    I have a bunch of random stuff that is clogging up my gear bag. It’s time to thinnit out. Oneal cheats protector - $10 Bilt Jersey size L - $5 thor jersey size XL - $5 no fear riding pants size 34 - $15 Torq riding pants/short (bottom zips off) size 38 - $15 I am in pine valley but work in the mission valley/Kearny Mesa area and can meet you there or along my route home.
  7. Can my sidewalk be repaired!!!

    Yes I do, an a new heavy duty 19” tube
  8. Can my sidewalk be repaired!!!

    Right on!!! This tire is crazy tight and I attepted to mount it on the rim myself and all I accomplished was a pinched tube so I had Motoworld do it for me on Monday!! I am going to stop by coyotes Motorcycle Tires in alpine tomorrow and see if he has some heavy duty patches and get me set up.
  9. I was pumped to finally be able to take my new to me husky out to rip in the dirt. I got my clutch issues figured out and working perfect and got a nice new motoz mountain hybrid rear tire mounted up. I went out to have some fun and maybe 8-10 miles in to my ride I found a screw that not only punctured my tire and tube, it went through the sidewall also! Can the sidewall be repaired?!?! I just threw down $150 for a new tire, tube and mounting!! I did have some fun though!!
  10. The next step (what moto to get)

    With all of your help we have bought our bikes!!! I ended up with a 2004 husky TC 450 My dad bought seeky’s 2007 husky TE 250/300 Thank you for all of your help!!!!
  11. Computer and/or GPS

    I don't necessarily have a preference, If I had a gps that had my speed on it I guess I could do just the gps. I am open to all options!
  12. Computer and/or GPS

    Now that I have my husky tc450 I am in need of a computer and/or GPS The bike does not have a speedo/computer, only an hour meter. What unit do you suggest that is compatible with my bike? GPS unit as well? I was looking into the voyager as a all it one unit but is probably more than I need. What are you suggestions, and budget conscious option are always ideal!
  13. The next step (what moto to get)

    Thanks everyone, well as much as we would love to buy the husky for sale in here it might be out of reach. There are two dr350 on Craigslist right now that might fit the budget and the electric start requirements for my dad
  14. The next step (what moto to get)

    It is crazy it is 50 lbs lighter that the TW!!! I am very excited, not to get Pops a bike!
  15. The next step (what moto to get)

    I am the proud owner of a 2004 Husqvarna TC 450!! Its a great bike and I was able to talk him down some! Define need some suspension tuning to bring it down a little and a little seat foam shave and I am ready to hit the trails! Now we need a bike for my dad. He came with me and really wants the one for sale here on the forum but only can squeeze out $2600 for it. I sent a message to see if the owner will let it go for that... THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!!