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  1. 2017 desert dash track

    or if someone can pm me and ill send my email over. We didn't have gps at the time. We attempted to use the roll chart...
  2. 2017 desert dash track

    Sorry!! I’ll ask in the private section.
  3. 2017 desert dash track

    Does anyone have the 2017 desert dash file they can share? My dad and I attempted it back in 2017 and now we have more capable bikes and a lot more seat time and would like to return and actually complete it!!! Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a brand new never used cardo Q3 two helmet Bluetooth system. I originally bought this to use while riding but never have and probably won’t in the future. Instead of collecting dust I will pass a deal along. It is a full complete set for two helmets. $150 check amazon for full features
  5. Garage clear out

    honda sold I still have the husky plastics, tank and two seats in anyone know anyone who need that stuff, will let it go cheap!
  6. husky rear rim

    I have been contemplating switching out my stock 19" rear rim on my 04 husky tc450 to an 18" Mainly because I want more side wall that the 19" rim and easier to change a tube on the trail. Can anyone tell me either a good source for a strong 18" hoop or maybe a bike that shares the same hub/axle etc that I can just swap in. Maybe find something on craigslist. Thanks!!
  7. Garage clear out

    The title is out of Utah and is out of the system. No back fees
  8. Garage clear out

    Holsters sold!
  9. Garage clear out

    I have a bunch of stuff to get rid of, some moto some not 1975 Honda CB550 $1500 OBO 90% complete bike, not running, great compression. I just don’t have time for it. 2004 Husqvarna TC450 plastics and seats $100 OWB holsters for Glock 17 $30 each One is with out a light and the other is compatible with a stream light TLR-1 All prices are OBO need to clean out the garage and closets Thanks!!
  10. 1975 Honda CB360

  11. GPS maps

    I bought California trails map, thank you for the recommendation!!! Thank you for the other options, I am stoked to get started and explore!
  12. GPS maps

    I just got a Garmin 64s and am trying to learn all the features. Is there a way to get maps from dual sport map on to my Garmin? or do I have to recreate them using Garmin basecamp software? any help to get me started would be great!! Thanks!
  13. 1975 Honda CB360

    own a piece of cinema history
  14. 1975 Honda CB360

    This is not the typical bike that would be for sale here. I need to clear up space in the garage and since I haven’t touched this thing in 6 months it needs to go. I bought the bike from a friend just the way you see it. Newly painted frame, engine and rims Rebuilt carbs new Firestone tires tank liner and fuel lines It was running when I bought it and I rode it once. I parked it and it has sat since. It is a cool bike and with a little love it will be perfect. I have a title also $2500 obo
  15. Alpine/pine valley to Julian

    Haha! Thanks!!