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  1. Best post ever. Nice work. Looks like my goal for 2018 is to get on more rides with you guys!
  2. SOLD

    I'm late to the party. Did the black beauty sell?
  3. 2014 TE300 Husqvarna SOLD

    PM sent
  4. 2014 TE300 Husqvarna SOLD

    So, I've been thinking of selling my '13 500 EXC for a KTM / HUSKY 300. I grew up riding dirtbikes which I'm now realizing were 'rackebikes' and I'm finally accepting my 'enduro' might actually never feel the same as a closed course / track racebike. Funny how. Anyways, I've been thinking the 300 might be the perfect balance. When is yours going on the market?
  5. Braap! Nice work, gents. Sorry I missed ya. Sounds like a great ride. Last TUES I was shooting my aspen off in the NV dez for a 4 day sniper class. I'll be back with you soon enough! One day I'm going to put a ride together where we race dirt bikes and shoot guns at pre-designated ranges setup on BLM land way out in BFE. Sounds like a party waiting to happen. Maybe I'll call it 'Off Road Ops' or something like that.
  6. gotta pass on this one guys catch ya next time brrrap
  7. sweet - thx donation made!
  8. I would love to pay again -- really appreciate what this site provides. I looked a bit through this 5 page thread for the best way to pay - didn't find much. Paypal? Check in the mail?
  9. Man that looks fun and nerve wracking all at the same time! Anybody know if you can "team ride" the rally? Or, do you have to solo it the whole way?
  10. That is full on bull ----, brother. Sorry you had to deal with that. People who point loaded guns at others are bound to end up dead. There are about 8 million other ways to resolve your problems. Good on you for staying cool calm and collected. Karma is going to be a b**** for that Rancher.
  11. Rally

  12. Glamis.

    Oh that is bitchin right there. Nice work! Next time we head out I'll shoot you a PM.
  13. I'll start a new thread, but I've finally got my younger brother to hit the trail with us. He rides a CRF450X. We'll be heading out THURS DEC 8. I'll post something next week.
  14. Sedona MX907HP $50

    Nice - sounds like a great tire. I'd love to give it a shot. Pasta Pilot, I'll PM you.