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  1. Anyone else geochache while riding

    I have Been doing it with my son he's 9. Moto Geocaching i have only done out at Octillio wells, Theres quite a bit out there just about every quarter mile. and there pretty easy to spot and there usually bigger caches so the kids can trade some little bits.
  2. Yamaha WR250R to be discontinued?

    I was at the dealer a couple months ago and he said there was a rumor that Yamaha will only be making RED sticker bikes from now on even the ttr line. I haven't heard it anywhere else so I dont know how true the rumor is. Bill
  3. if no one has claimed the tires I will grab them Bill
  4. Thanks for joining me Brian had a blast can't wait to ride with you again. The videos look great! Bill
  5. sweet! , I will be camping at the cove. Drop me a line when you think you will get there. sevensixzero6854592
  6. Riding Sat morning done by late afternoon heading home. Easy to moderate pace. i'm just going to ride around exploring. My main goal is to map out a route so when I take my 9 yr old out we hit the least bit of deep sand. So if you want to come and not to worry about going fast enough let me know. I have been out here a few times but only following(jus keeping up) so i would like to explore and ride leasurly. I will be heading out friday after work camping out then riding in the morning. I will be leaving Oceanside about 4pm. I will be riding a plated TE450. Bill
  7. Woodworking Stuff

    sweet stuff I'm interested in the box of planes, and more, I'll send pm
  8. I will take the 18 knobby if you still have it. PM sent
  9. Geared up ready. If I go I will be coming from the trail side.

    1. wcgiv


      Ok. Hope to see you there. If you want you can throw your extra gear in my truck while we ride. 

    2. carguy


      Sorry Bill. My back is telling my no riding today. Gonna eat some pain killers and rest. 

    3. wcgiv


      I know how the back thing goes. Hope to ride with you soon. 

      Feel better soon


      Ps it was a fun ride today. Perfect dirt and not one person on the trails. 


  10. Will be riding tomorrow starting around 930 from PV culdesac heading to over CC. Heading home at 2pm. Anybody around and wants to join let me know. Also I'm coming from north county and anyone wants a lift down let me know. Bill
  11. Sorry guys I'm going to have to bail on my ride. Today's house project is getting extended into tomorrow ?. In another couple of weeks I will get to go again. Sorry for the short notice. Bill
  12. Looking to go riding Sunday. Either lark or CC. But can't find anyone to join me. So if anyone is looking for someone to ride with let me know. I'm not an advanced rider but not a noob. I like technical terrain but don't go WFO on the flats. Was planning on getting down in the area around 7 done by 12. Ill be on a te450 also im coming from vista so if anyone wants a ride down I have room for one more. Bill
  13. Was just up there this past Friday night. Without a doubt big bike friendly. They just graded all the way to the top. Now it's only dusty. But still a blast. Bill
  14. Amago Sports Park

    Wow I didn't know that was an OHV trail. He's only riding a crf70 its a green sticker so we're good to go. Huge thanks.