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  1. S1

    Pics often never do show true steepness. Ther rest of the pics I have don't really tell you more. I only took a few. The drop was hard on the knees. Message me for more info.
  2. S1

    Not at all. I ain't that old, but old enough to recognize it's potential age. Actually think the car was 50s to early 60s
  3. S1

    There was a car of a similar era turned on its side, shot up with various caliber. When I see these vehicles, I always wonder how they met their demise. From these pics you can see how the "jeep" trail changed in to a "jeepless" trail.
  4. S1

    Hiked an old jeep route by Oriflamme a few weeks back accesible right off the S1 and drops you out on the S2. Some of it was easily a 7 grade slope, rutted, fine loose top, and varied from 7ft across to mostly 3ft to 1ft. The steep slope was the latter with more like an uneven V shaped trail due to the ruts. It hadn't seen vehicles in years, with the exception of the top 1 mile of the route. This was all Anza-Borrego Desert State Park area. The gates are usually closed, but not locked. This route would definitely have some challenging traction issues for a motor powered machine. I've heard of less intense routes in the area.
  5. Found oil

  6. Found oil

    I am very skeptical of the legitimacy in the above statement. Next someone is going to tell us, you can run less than 15psi in your tires, McCain Valley is cold on winter mornings, and KTM has an orange bike. Yes, very skeptical indeed.
  7. Found oil

    I would listen to Robertaccio and then disregard, because this is an oil thread. And then call him as if you did not see his thread answer and then disregard what he said, because this is an oil thread. Dry internet humor.
  8. Found oil

    Amsoil, what? Is it this, why not - https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/motorcycle/2006/husqvarna/te/510/us-volume/ You'll know if you like it or not once you run it. To answer your question, never used it myself, but have thought about it like you. I know my '06 TE450 Husky likes Motorex more than Maxima, but runs just fine on Maxima. The Motorex just feels smoother to me. Same with my GSXR, the bike operates much, much, much smoother without a doubt on Motorex compared to Maxima for example. But the GSXR is a different beast. I say run the Amsoil if it's the right oil for your bike. No reason to waste it. Or you can be generous and give it to someone to try it out. Hint, hint!
  9. My new ride

    I think the bike is fine, but a photography class might be worth taking. Them photos are dark. Been a long time Ken, maybe I'll see you out there when I'm not hiding out.
  10. Dirt bike rental in San Diego?

    post revival. I have a friend interested in joining us dirt heads for some two wheeled fun. Looking to find the best dirt bike rental business for S.D. Is S.D. Motosports Rentals worth it? Any other worth it companies? Gonna take him out to the Plaster C./Oco area and I know some of those shops have shop locations out there. Dealt with one company years ago and they sucked bad e.g., they showed up hours late, bikes were not what they said
  11. Hey, isn't that cheating in trying to get to the top?
  12. Didn't we ride together for like 2 minutes that day? I think so. It's a KTM world out there.
  13. Okay folks, I cannot remember if we're allowed to post non-bike for sale stuff or not, although I have seen non-bike posts, but here it is anyway. I'm selling my Dad's 1988 Chevrolet Corvette. Come take a look, share with family, friends, neighbors, strangers, anyone. I'm too tall for her and we don't need another two seater with our growing family. And you know what, while you're looking at the Vette, come look at my Suzuki '03 GXSR750 (true power machine with grand handling, one of the best years made) and Husqvarna '06 TE450 (a magnificent power house that never let's me down) while you're at it. I'll definitely take offers on the GSXR. Who knows, I might even take an offer on the Husky for the right price. You never know, give the Vette, GSXR or Husky a look and throw me a reasonable offer for one, two, or all three beauties, I might just take it. There you go, now I made it a bike post. Here's the Craig ad - https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/5042336100.html
  14. Inherit safety mechanism. If we did not have it, we would try things without concern for the outcome. Look Mom, I can fly and then you hit the ground. Now of course, we have the power to override inherit traits, safety alerts, common sense and so on, like for those of us who ride dirties on rocks. Look Mom, I can ride on rocks, and then you hit the ground.