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Hosting Moto Travelers

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I've hosted many travelers over the years and have become lifelong friends with just about every single one of them....
I belong to some motorcycle groups on FB and the other day I saw a guy from Florida post that he was in Northern California, looked like he was having a fun ride all over the USA. I asked him if he was coming to San Diego at all, he said yes...so I invited him to come stay at my house in the soare bedroom .
Carl Steinhoff showed up late Monday afternoon on Labor Day. He unloaded his stuff and we proceeded to sit on the front porch talking for hours into the night, drinking beer and he shared his "Buffalo Trace" bourbon whiskey with me...man, that stuff is nice and smooth ! I invited him to stay another night and he said that would be great
Next day I had to go to work (a little hungover) and he later went riding and exploring San Diego. He got back to my house late afternoon after having a great day, we then sat and talked more, then he took me to dinner at a nice local Mexican place.
Next day I went to work again, and he departed to continue his trip later that morning.
Carl, was great meeting you, sharing good conversation and laughter...we will meet again...another new motorcycling friend !









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As I am on the road, I had a ATW Travler at my House stopping by and get some parts for his XT 600 Tenere. Sven opend the Garage and spend some time with him.  He stayed behind the garage in a tent. He is from Germany,  rode from Alaska down and is on his way to South America. 




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Just had the pleasure of hosting this German couple Dominik Hornsteiner and Nicole. They contacted me thru Bunk a Biker and asked if they could stay 1 night, I said sure and maybe they could help me assemble the bunk beds for the spare room.They showed up Friday afternoon and proceeded to take the reins and assembled the bunk beds, awesome !  I felt bad that I had nothing to cook for them, so I ordered a pizza, shared beers with them and we talked for hours, they told me about their experiences so far as they traveled a few months in the USA and I shared my stories of traveling Mexico, now they are on their way to Baja, Mexico, Central and South America. I cooked breakfast for us all in the morning before they got on the road. Safe travels my friends.










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