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What a great run!

Met up with Bill at the Ocotillo Gas station staging area . And rode across the desert on dual sport trails.



this was one of those adventures where you don't have time to stop and take alot of photos because of how fun it is.. But I was able to squeeze some in.



Here's Bill on his Dr 650 showing  me how to climb . His Suzuki climbed like a hoofed animal. No matter what line he took he was putting me to shame.  I was really impressed by his climbing ability.



Here's Bill doing some single track in Badlands area about 45 miles into the ride. The sky was blue and 3mph wind made for a great desert adventure  we went from peak to peak with out any GPS. We just went for it.




Here the view from 3/4  up Devils Slide .

If you look closely you can see Bill. That's about where I had to start from to get 3rd gear to make it to the top. Sand was steep and deep just how I like it.



I think in this photo we are at Shell reef . There are some ridges to climb. The Reef offers some nice views of SVRA.  Here we are about 60 miles in to the exploration.



We stumbled across some off roaders that were stranded down in a canyon and needed help so we stopped and got their steering fixed. They were grateful we were ripping 150 miles across the dezert with tools that day. 



Here we were doing math out in the Siltbeds west of Superstition trying  to figure out the best average speed for dezert adventure because the sun was going down.

We figured average speed would be OK at less than 60mph because that would require us to fly at close to 100 across the dezert  and at that speed we would miss some cool stuff to look at. I think our average speed was closer to 20 .



Somehow we ended up traveling through Canyon Sin Nombre at night, greatful to be alive and loving life. .The feeling of getting out of the desert alive is a great one . 



Bill sorting his tire pressures as we blaze the sand washes in the dark near #91. My headlight was pointed toward the sky so if Bill did a wheelie I would be blazing blind till he gave me his headlight back on the wash.

I was using my front blinker to see where is was going but I'm pretty familiar with that wash so I just rode by brail.


20221218_180735.thumb.jpg.92c21e3973958a395a531e2c3ca9598f.jpgFinally back and safe at the Chevron Staging Area after riding through town to give my loved ones and neighbors a quick Braap to let em know I made it home safe . It was nice to see all their house and trailers decorated with Christmas lights.


The 150 mile Borrego exploration adventure to Salton Sea from Ocotillo left me muddy, exhausted, hungry and thirsty (and a little stiff)..the perfect way to be on a Sunday night .20221218_180713.thumb.jpg.7490f02aec1e69f457597c8e9a8bfa16.jpg




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Wow I'm gonna remember that ride forever. Darren thanks again for showing me around out there, you are too kind and way too modest. I couldn't believe how effortless you made the sand look while I was fighting for my life out there. I only snapped a few pictures cause I was too busy catching my breath anytime we stopped.

About 120 miles in and the sun was about to set when the desert reminded me I'm only a visitor.



I will NEVER understand how you could ride so fast at night with a headlight pointed 45 degrees up into the air (and a bald front tire). He's not joking, he was literally riding by the light of his blinker. And I couldn't keep up, even with my brights on. Not even close.


Thanks again for slowing down for me and giving me a little (big) tour of such a fascinating and beautiful region.



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Another solid 350thumper post. Always dig your pictures bro. Looks like you guys had a great adventure. 



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