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SPOT device prices- a reminder

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I've been using BOTH SPOT and InReach for many years. I started with SPOT alone, added InReach and kept both for redundancy.

And it's expensive.

This year, like each one before it, I received an auto-bill my new annual subscription fee : $249
This year, like each before it, I called SPOT, explained that $249 was far too much, and I'd like to disconnect my service.
This year, like each year before, I asked and they matched the previous year's rate of $85.

From $249 to $85.
One phone call.

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1 hour ago, Bagstr said:

And you need to negotiate Before renewal date


Mine had already cleared at $249 two days ago (I was out riding with some misfits, and couldn't make the call), they issued a credit back to my card.


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I recently acquired a satellite messenger thingy.  I went with a newer company called Zoleo.

When researching the different sat services one statement jumped out at me:

"Spot account support is like a used car salesman crossed with a Cox cable customer service rep."

I passed on Spot.

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