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Sorry I am late to post, work has been crazy busy.

alphajack, 350thumper, SANRider and myself all joined up for a ride.  350thumper apparently pissed off a bee and some tribal police to start the day off.  😁

So once underway, we went over to fourcorners to see if we could drop down into the valley but the gate was closed, so we decided to head up Black Mountain.  The vehicle traffic was light heading up, once you hit that Jeep ledge that now has boulders blocking that path, we 350thumper went right up and stopped, then convinced alphajack to go up it. (who is pretty new to dualsport I believe) Anyways he went up with style.  Didn't panic and managed to pull it off without falling.   I have video, later I will try and dig out my laptop to edit and upload, but here is a screen grab of it.   Once we made it to the top, it was pretty busy up there with campers.  We relaxed, enjoyed the cooler temp up there and ran into another rider on a 450L,  I forgot his name but he did say he was going to join this site. 

We headed on down to grab a quick bite of food, SANRider decided to go explore some more and that was it for the ride.  It was great meeting new riders and I hope to join them again for some more adventures in the near future





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There's your new profile pic !

Had fun outside my comfort zone on this one. Keep getting stung by something. A little bee flew in and started planting his stinger in me under my roost deflector . I pulled over to rip off my shirt and gear and got swooped on. They were nice after realizing I wasn't on flakka and was street legal.



Met these dudes at the casino.


Rode up and met another dude . Lots of red on this ride , I enjoyed that.


Went back down because we could smell smoked brisket. So we ended up at Pete's Smokehouse BBQ inside a liquor store. I had the brisket fries and a pink Sobe ... Had alot of fun. Thanks for posting the ride.

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