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Well...it looked really promising for cool weather and possibly some drizzle, when i left the house this morning.  Lots of showers on the way out until I got past Flynn Springs.  Then it was sunshine all the way.  Temps turned out  to be in the low 80s rather than the projected 69 degrees....still pretty nice.  Nobody was out there.  Poked around for a few hours, checked out Cottonwood campground, mainly to see if the bathrooms were open.  The bathrooms are closed, locked and have closed signs all throughout the valley.  Same at the furthest out campground.  Not sure what that's going to lead to....unsanitary conditions, if nothing else.  Maybe the BLM's budget has been cut, and they don't have enough for staffing or supplies to take care of the bathrooms.  Maybe another closure isn't lurking around.  I sure hope not.  Anyway, did a 29 mile loop...or should I call it a scribble....no tipovers, or other misadventures.  Saw my first horned lizard of the season out there, but he was too fast for me to get his picture.  Freshly installed Precision Concepts fork mods are dialed and as smooth as can be.  When I get some more money set aside, I will have the shock done too.


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6 minutes ago, Huntndogs said:

Bathrooms were open a few weeks ago. Maybe they are just full of sh*t.


Last Thurday, they were all open.  Every single one at every single site is locked and signed "closed" all  over the whole valley, today..

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2 hours ago, Huntndogs said:

Hmmm.  Nature it is then!


All well and good until it becomes a sanitation problem.  Talk about the term "sh!#hole"having a new meaning.  Then the place will be closed down again.

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