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New guy in Palm Springs

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Enjoying my first few weeks in Cathedral City to be exact. Beats the hell out of winter in Minnesota where I call home. Boss gave me the ok to work remotely so I jumped on it (wife did the same). Brought down my 2016 Husqvarna FE 501S to the rental condo, hope to make some use of it during the next few months. Had a really great solo ride last Sunday at the Berdoo canyon trail. Trailhead is about 30 miles from our condo, lots of vibes to get used to at 60mph. Loved the climb up and especially the smooth fast sweepers up on top in Joshua Tree NP. Hope to find some more trails and riding partners as early as this weekend (have a trailer if needed). Would love to get on a 3-4 day ride to Baja if possible. I've done many B/C level harescramble races over the past 10 years, mostly in black dirt with lots of trees, been on a few offroad tours in Romania, Peru and Egypt. Loving the weather out here, hoping to make it a yearly thing. Cheers, Mark









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Welcome, fellow 501 rider.  Glad to see that you are enjoying our relatively balmy weather and desert terrain.

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Me and my DRZ live just up the mountain to your west in Idyllwild. Drop me a line sometime and help this noob earn more dirt stripes! Welcome

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