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Is the Juice worth the Squeeze?

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Interesting article. But I'm a little concerned....Bagstr reading Motocross Action???

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As I understand it, the weight difference of a KTM 250/300 xc-w carborated and the TPI version is negligible...the article says the FI is much heavier. Also one of my peeves is the whole (Bikes are going up in price BS) smoke and mirrors of the federal reserve banking cartel. Prices are not going up! The value of the petrol dollar is going down! Has been since the Fed (up) came into play.

In the seventies when the dirt bike boom was rocking, the dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 4.20% per year. In other words, $100 in 1970 is equivalent in purchasing power to $610.14 in 2014, a difference of $510.14 over 44 years. The 1970 inflation rate was 5.72%. Go back to the 1930's, during one of Congresses Christmas recesses, the Fed was created, voted on by a few "in the know" senators that stayed inWashington to vote, vote passed (of course) and was implemented... and now your dollar's purchasing power today is worth 0.3 cents on the dollar since that vote!

Today a $10,000.00 dollar 2019 KTM 500 exc would cost you $1666.66 if still at the 1970's rate. (lots of sixes?) "Prices going up"! It's a shell game to herd the sheeple into tow.

Okay steeping down from my lofty soapy box. :party:

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