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Dan Diego

Quinn Cody’s Off-Road Safety Tips for Adventure Riders

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I saw this recently and thought it waited be a good article to share.

Four-time Baja 1000 Champion and Dakar Rally Top 10 finisher Quinn Cody shares off-road safety tips for Adventure Motorcycles.


There are many factors out of our control when riding off-road, so its important to focus on the things we can control to improve our safety. If you ride off-road long enough, eventually you are going to encounter mechanical failures, injuries and various other problems. How you prepare and deal with the issues you encounter on the trail can be the key to returning home safely.

With the recent growth in Dual Sport riding, there are a lot of new riders hitting the trails without a proper education in off-road safety. Ive seen and dealt with so many issues over the years and Ive learned that most problems can be avoided with a little preparation and know-how. Here are my tips to help make your off-road rides a little safer.

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Yup i bet half of stupid stuff i see myself included would be solved just by reading and following this

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