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  1. tlking6

    helmet light

    I'll take one Chris!
  2. tlking6

    Anyone here install security systems

    Appliances??? That's one tough dog that ate your fridge, or microwave!!
  3. tlking6

    Kug on ADV

    Epic adventure! Gets my vote for a new SDAR cover photo!
  4. tlking6

    new content

    I'm going to put a kugs sticker on my screen and restart my computer. If that doesn't work I'm going to go hang out with the friendly folks at Jo momma!
  5. tlking6

    new content

    That's what it says. Still no worky,, sucks
  6. tlking6

    new content

    I didn't jack with anything,, what sold be highlighted?
  7. tlking6

    new content

    Logged in. Still no new content except this thread shows up. Even tried different devices,,, restarted,, logged out then back in. Wierd.
  8. tlking6

    new content

    Hey,,, my "view new content" button stopped working! Anybody else?
  9. Thanks for the heads up Ken. Will definitely stop by and welcome them to the neighborhood.
  10. tlking6

    KLIM Dakar pants

    209 at atomic moto. Free shipping. Support those guys,,, there awesome. Watch for sales there too. I think I paid $129 for mine a few years ago.
  11. tlking6

    Happy Birthday Deb the DSFOX

    Happy Birthday Crazy Lady!!!
  12. tlking6

    What You Do When You Have Broken Ribs

    700 and all the tacos you can eat at the next dash!
  13. tlking6

    So this happened......

    I know it's a ridiculous stupid question but the sidewall does look kinda small,,, any chance that it coulda been a 19"?? I really don't see how that's possible,,,,
  14. I have blisters on my hands, my bike is held together with bailing wire, it's four days now "post ride" and I'm starting to walk normal and some feeling to my arse has returned! Another epic Baja adventure in the books with a great crew! Thanks Dan for putting it together!
  15. tlking6

    New Logo

    G is my first choice as well. It jumped for me because the letters are part of the gasket and it's the easiest to read. I kind of like I as well.