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    My KLR likes to take naps,,, lots of naps
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    I work at 7-11 asst night manager. I make coffee and live in my moms garage, got a few teeth left, and my fourhead is now a sixhead. I got a rebel flag hanging on the wall and i have not seen my toes in 5 years cause i,m fat. I like to ride my KLR
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  1. bluefin2na

    KTM or KLR?

    KLR 650 very little work to be done or maintance, lots of goodies to add on, not fast, but will go anyplace, not good at anything,but good at most things. KTM is like a high class call girl, you will pay and pay and pay,,,, high maintance, however it goes fast, and is sweet, like a high class call girl
  2. bluefin2na

    New bike dilemma

    2,500 bucks for a used good shape KLR,
  3. I want to kick in, send someone by for the CASH,,
  4. bluefin2na

    Once again into the mind of a KiLleR (another KLR?)

    let me know if you are going to sell it
  5. bluefin2na

    Recommend F-150/exhaust mechanic?

    WINTER GARDEN SMOG AND TUNE LAKESIDE, Ask for MIke or Justin. Damn good fellas out that way
  6. bluefin2na

    Killer deal on saddle bags

    Just got mine in the mail. These things are very cool in too many ways. Worth the money 100%
  7. http://www.formabootsusa.com/products/forma-adventure-motorcycle-boots
  8. bluefin2na

    Street Gear-What's your choice?

    Cycleport, full gear all the time. Even if its just around the block
  9. bluefin2na

    White Seabass

    619 297 9797
  10. bluefin2na

    White Seabass

    The season is on, and we have a BOAT LOAD of white seabass, for the next few days 72 hours, i will be selling it to members for $10.50 a pound hand cut fillets... Regular Price is $17.50 a pound. Yes thats how much fish i have ..call the shop to place your order. Thanks
  11. Leaving for 10 days Jan 21st,
  12. HEY,, Thanks for all you do , and time spent doing it. If your anywhere near my work, please stop in for some free lobsters,,,,its the least we can do..

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