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  1. Getsmacked440

    DRZ jetting help

    You won't gain any mpg if you jet it. My 440 E with q2 gets 20-22 mpg if I'm easy on her. I have a different carb than your bike. And don't think opening up the air box is needed if your not gonna jet it.
  2. Getsmacked440

    Mountain Rabbit

    Glad to hear your alright.
  3. Getsmacked440

    Rabbit Trails

    9am Monday?
  4. Getsmacked440

    Rabbit Trails

    Darren's bike couldn't handle his aggressive riding today.
  5. Getsmacked440

    07 or 08 JAN RIDE??

    Where would you wanna ride. I may be interested.
  6. Getsmacked440

    learner bike

    Let's ride. I'll follow.
  7. Getsmacked440


    I have a headache after that vid.
  8. Getsmacked440

    Snow ride

    I've been to the view point. But that's it. I would go but I committed to going to glamis with Kenny Monday.
  9. Got what I wanted. Woke up to snow. Couple inches. Rode around some single track till I could feel my hands. Bout 9-10 miles. Slushy.
  10. Trucked out to my family's desert property in north imperial county. Had to get on some of this wet desert action. I've had lots of time at lark recently. I really wanted to hit up truck haven and climb some muddy mud hills. There are plentty of thoes there. Started out riding the wet blow sand which was fun but I was craving mud. So I made the 9 mile trek to truck haven. Got to inspiration wash and rode up the freshly cut wash to the few hills where people camp I was solo So didn't climb all the hills I wanted to. Kept it safe. Had my thrills boggin through the mud pits. Climbed some hills. Made it up most all. Except one. It was literally a mound of clay. Gummed up the tires and lost traction. Dumped the bike. Lost my footing and went down. One hand on my bike we both slid down the hill. Could bearly pick it up after all the clay that was on it. After that I headed to north ocotillo with thoes big mud hills in mind. Got there and if was juicy to. The hill had a soggy run up but I manages to get some good traction in the mud. Even the golden tyre in the front never balled up or slid out on me. Anyway climes that hill a few times. Stopped at the top for a pic or two. Headed over to the big washes to see the freshly eroded cut banks. Then I decided I better head back towards the house. Took the long way down towards the salton sea to shake off some of the mud. Had a fun time. Wish I woulda had someone to ride with. Would have been a epic day. Headed home hoping to wake up to a snow ride! last pic is some kids pulling there buddy outa the mud. Roosting and hand throwing mud at him before they pulled him out. Was funny.
  11. I have a extra 8 cup if you wanna use it. 18"
  12. Getsmacked440

    Mud Bowl 2016

    Teasing. ima find me some mud tomorrow at truck haven.
  13. He'll ya. Rain showers right before the ride made it awesome. It's raining as I post this.