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  1. Unfortunately Im broken again. This damn 450 just wants to kill me since I bought the KTM. Broken collar bone
  2. No way, you bought that from my buddy haha. Got it plated I see.
  3. sdchronix

    Pancake rock and?

    As of now it would be plated due to not being able to bring people to stage from my buddies property. We can stage at my house just a few miles from the start of the trails. Why would it get flagged? Not allowed to ride there anymore?
  4. sdchronix

    Pancake rock and?

    I can meet you out there one day! As of right now Im riding out from a buddies property, but once I have the KTM running we can ride up the back way. Thanks, glad to be back.
  5. sdchronix

    Pancake rock and?

    Sounds good, have a nice vacation.
  6. sdchronix

    Pancake rock and?

    We should meet up for a ride sometime.
  7. sdchronix

    Pancake rock and?

    you still live nearby? I wanna make a little camping trip out of it.
  8. so when we making this SDAR Baja ride?
  9. sdchronix

    Pancake rock and?

    Thanks for the awesome Map with all the spots marked. Just rode a bunch of trails near Pancake rock yesterday, since my buddy just moved in at the end of Carveacre. And I only live a few miles from him. Once I get my plated KTM300 back up and running I will be exploring a lot of these spots.
  10. Pretty much the same here. I've never ridden out in Baja, But I have taken a fair amount of trips to San Felipe, Ensenada, etc. I would love to join in. I do have a few buddies that ride Baja regularly that I'm sure I can get some advice from. Just need people to ride with. All the other trips I've been invited on never worked out.
  11. Anyone heading out there? I've never ridden Cahuilla, but it sounds like fun. I'll be bringing the 450 out there since my 300 decided to seize up on my ride from Japatul to PV yesterday.
  12. sdchronix

    91 TW 200 $850 on cl

    He swears that his bike is different than the one that was listed for 850. He's not even arguing or being a dick, so I kind of believe him. Maybe it's just a crazy coincidence.
  13. sdchronix

    91 TW 200 $850 on cl

    hahahahah he tried saying he's had it for a month and not big enough for his son. But admitted the title isn't in his name. And says he already got offered 1700
  14. sdchronix

    91 TW 200 $850 on cl

    okay after asking a BUNCH of ridiculous questions I'll lowball him.