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  1. Donation sent Billy 6550r - Billy Holley
  2. Billy650r

    Tire Pressures

    This is the same for my KTM.. TPMS usually gives me a warning about 10psi lower
  3. Billy650r

    15% Off Rugged Radios

    This code should be active for a month or two. Get yourself set up for the Desert Dash! MOTO15
  4. That's pretty nasty. Due to conflicting schedules we're going out tomorrow to mess around. I went from the amphitheater to Pio Pico and there was some seriously deep puddles on a majority of the trail. Knee high while on the pegs deep.
  5. Billy650r

    Current Communication Equipment

    In reference to this whole thread, This code will get you 15% off rugged radio. MOTO15 Their body harnesses are top notch and definitely worth the investment.
  6. That works. I'll be at sleeptrain around. 930
  7. Now this man's a thinker. I'll be heading down there in the morning to mess around. Jim will be meeting after he takes care of an errand at 10. Where and what time would you wanna meet?
  8. Oops, ya the 27th. I can meet whenever wherever, just let me know.
  9. Hey guys, I got tomorrow off so I'm planning on heading out early morning to get some photo practice in. If you have a camera and the day off let me know. Or, if you want to be my test subject that works too. Not sure where I'm going yet, either Black Mountain, Coral, or Otay. Heck, I can even bring my drone for some serious action shots. Beginner or Intermediate paced to get out there.
  10. I could do a shorter half day ride if this doesn't work out.
  11. The easiest way to do the math is put the crows foot at a 90° so the overall length isn't changed much and just use the original torque value. No math needed
  12. Billy650r

    Big bike dirt from SD to Big Bear

    That first one is perfect. Between you and Brian I think I have a chance. Thank you guys. I plan on leaving tomorrow morning and more or less winging it as far as timing goes and camp wherever we're at on the trails. Anyone is welcome to join.
  13. Billy650r

    Big bike dirt from SD to Big Bear

    75% works for me. I'm in Lakeside.
  14. Billy650r

    Big bike dirt from SD to Big Bear

    Hey guys, Anyone have some gps tracks or just a map showing how to get from Ramona to Big Bear. I'm looking to take my big ktm with passenger so moderate to easy trails preferred. Thanks