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  1. Unfortunately I didn’t get out there…Hoping to ride on Sunday!
  2. Anybody want to do some dirt/street riding this Sunday? I live in Carlsbad. Thinking of either Warner Springs to Anza then FSR 6S16 to Lake Hemet and maybe find a trail up to Idyllwild. Or, we could go up the back side of Palomar from Oak Grove and poke around.....I'm open to suggestions...Just want to go ride! -Chris 949-933-9242
  3. Great to see you guys at camp. I made it to Idyllwild by trail and tarmac...Thanks for pointing the way! Camping in Dec or Jan would be cool!
  4. Are you guys meeting at 2pm on Saturday or on Sunday? I can't meet up with you guys until Sunday morning. Let me know if that works... Chris
  5. Hey Guys! I've been MIA for a while, but I recently got into a KLR650 and she's WAY TOO CLEAN for my taste! I can't make the camping on Saturday night, but I would love to meet up with you guys on Sunday morning and check out the trails up to Idyllwild. What time do you think you will launch?
  6. made2moto

    Custom Speedo Cables Locally ?

    I have used this guy in Escondido, he does good work... Motorcycle Dynamics 701 Andreasen Dr. Suiet A Escondido, CA 92029 760-489-9144 Ask for Randy Chris
  7. Yep! No problems from there....ordered some new pegs when I got home. See you on the next one!
  8. Great Ride on Sunday Gents! Thanks again for stopping for the Trail Side Repair! Cheers!
  9. Great! I will see you and any others at 6:30a in Ramona. Should be a fun day! Chris
  10. Mr.Jaja. I will meet you in Ramona at 6:30 and do Black Canyon with you on the way to the group ride...are you still planning on it? Chris 949-933-9242
  11. I’m on a entry level Dual Sport, so I’m not looking for anything super technical. I can hang with most groups off road.
  12. Cool! I’m down for a ride of any sort. Would love to get off road at some point but no stress either way. I live in Oceaside so I will head south in the morn. I’ll be on the road by 7 so give me a call. I’ll have my phone in my helmet... chris 949-933-9242
  13. Anybody in for tomorrow??
  14. I missed the last Pine Valley ride. Would love to check it out!!

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