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  1. Looking to go for a leisurely ride in the local mountains on Sunday. Big bike and noob friendly. I’ll be on the Africa Twin. Thinking of starting in Alpine. Up Viejas Grade to Boulder Oak all the way to Eagle Creek, through or around Julian and over to Thing Valley Rd and Fred Canyon. Maybe go up Sheephead Mountain, north of Buckman Springs rest area and watch the hang gliders (if there are any). Could stop back in Alpine for a burger and beer at Alpine Brewing Co. Meet up at Carl’s Jr. off Tavern Rd KSU at 0900
  2. Had a super fun ride today. Weirdrider, SANRider, and me, D dub left Pine Valley cul de sac about 9:10. Headed over to Kitchen Creek Rd to Fred Canyon Rd. Weirdrider suggested we bypass the weekend Julian traffic and detour up Engineer Rd and Pine Hills area. Absolutely gorgeous view all the way to the coast. Stopped briefly in Santa Ysabel for a splash of gas and a snack break. We then headed north on 79 to 76 to see if the Hideout bar and grill had reopened. Still not open. Then to Mesa Grande to BlackCanyon to Santa Ysabel TT to Pamo Rd. Jim(Weirdrider) and I headed for Ramona while SANRider (Mike) went to Lusardi trail. Jim and I took Wildcat Canyon down the hill to avoid the 67. Jim and I took Willow Rd on dirt for a couple of miles and got nice views of the backside of a rock face that I can’t remember the name of. Headed home from there. A perfect day! First time I’ve ridden with anyone since getting the Africa Twin in February! Dennis
  3. SANRider. All are welcome to join
  4. Okay. I plan on leaving pine valley cul de sac at 9am. Destination unknown. Head toward Kitchen Creek Rd to Fred Canyon. Hope someone can join me as I’m tired of riding alone!😔 Dennis
  5. Thanks for the input. We could ride hwy 80 to Kitchen Creek and that would be good?
  6. Do any of you know if we start at the Pine Valley cul de sac and go to Kitchen Creek to Fred canyon to Thing Road is big bike doable? Id like to start at 09:00am. From there heading to Mesa Grande-Black Canyon-Santa Ysabel TT-Pamo Road. Have not done this route in a long time. Any input would be welcome Dennis
  7. Hi Weirdrider. Yes I am in Spring Valley. Let me know. I’d love to ride with you You know the trails better than me Dennis
  8. Looking for a riding partner(s) this Sunday 7/21 for a leisurely big bike ride for a couple of hours. Possibly Santa Ysabel Truck Trail and or Thing road to Fred Canyon? Im riding the mighty Africa Twin Open to suggestions or ideas, nothing too technical
  9. d dub

    Pankake Rock?

    I have an unusual Thursday off this week. I'd love to ride up Carveacre to Pancake rock with you Thursday morning. I too live in Spring Valley. I'd ride my plated CRF230. Dennis
  10. I was out here at 7:15. I was looking for your truck as I thought you were going to ride at 6:00. I rode up to four corners and waited till about 8:15. Did 1,2 and 4 then back down Kernan to the truck. Oh well... Catch ya next time! Dennis
  11. d dub

    Corral 7-6-15

    I'll come out and ride with you guys. Meet you at Four Corners @8am. I'll park the truck by yours and ride up. I'll be on the CRF. Dennis (Formerly DoctorZ)
  12. Nice ride today. Not too hot, just very dusty. Thanx again Darren, for posting! Sorry Bob. I thought you were waiting for the other guys behind you Dennis. (The other black DRZ)
  13. I had a blast on the last ride a couple of weeks ago. Look forward to doing these trails and meeting more new people! Dennis.
  14. Nice ride. Great meeting all the new peeps Thanx for taking all the pic Bob! Dennis. (Formerly DoctorZ)
  15. I'm 90% in. Working very late Saturday night. But I'm excited 'bout this ride. Dennis. (Formerly Doctor Z)