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  1. WmDaniel

    Campo newbiesh ride

    The Jonny Weld repair by Jim and Bob held all the way home. Thanks for the rescue guys.
  2. WmDaniel

    Campo newbiesh ride

    I'd like to join in. It has been too long. Thanks for putting this together. Daniel
  3. Thank you Randy and volunteers for putting this together. Thank you to the team that carried the Tiger up the step ups and the team that carried me and the bike down the drop off. Thank you to the sweep team that got me off the rock I high centered on and for helping pick up the Tiger in the deep sand (a few times). Mike and Mike found me at just the right time. It was nice getting to know Mikey777 in his truck through Fish Creek. We can debate the merits of a 600 plus pound 1215cc triple cylinder motorcycle in this terrain at a later time, but I have to say that bike is tough. I was not kind to it Saturday, but the ride home to Ramona Saturday night was just as comfortable as the ride in that morning. Once again, thank you to everyone. Before I even had the opportunity to ask for help, people I never met before jumped in got me through the obstacles. You are all awesome.
  4. If my wife were to see it, she might not let me play with you all; or worse, she might not ride with me.
  5. Thank you everyone for the help and concern after my faring fell off from hitting that pothole. It is great to be among a group of caring and resourceful folks when mishaps occur.
  6. I am a non-communal lurker and will be there riding my Tiger from Ramona.
  7. There's no need to be coy, Roy. His advice was free.
  8. Sorry for the late arrival Erik. I was watching the sun set in my mirrors. It was good to meet you. I hope the 78 was kind to you on the way home. Take care, Daniel
  9. Miriam, I got permission. Is this still a possibility? The 19th would be great for me. I would likely ride up and ride back unless hotels were near and cheep. Am I too late? Thanks, Daniel
  10. The gate is open (afternoon Sat 25th). The road is good. No problem getting the Tiger with passenger up there.
  11. WmDaniel

    New guy from Fallbrook!

    Why was I thinking they called you the Gangster of Love?
  12. Would you believe I was only going slow because I wanted my picture taken?
  13. Thank you for kindly considering my request.
  14. Darren, Thanks for putting this together. Bob, Thank you for all of the pictures. ... Please give better descriptions before the pictures though. I was showing my wife all the nice places we went and explaining how the roads were all wide and smooth. I want to take her on the back of the Tiger. I tried to get her to believe the little rocks were no big deal. I think she was falling for it until I scrolled down and she noticed the picture where my tires were slightly off the ground. She isn't convinced it a good place to ride as a passenger. I had a great time with all of you again. Thank you, Daniel
  15. Onanysunday, I will see you at Stars. Daniel