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  1. Thanks for posting what the riding conditions are. I have to make a trip to desert before it drys out
  2. HowsAbout

    Jamul Rains

    Looks like great riding! probably over my skill level but nice.
  3. Looked like a nice midweek ride. I like the tracking done by the relive app. Dose your your phone do the tracking?
  4. The desert is looking good. I've got to get out there and ride!
  5. Sounds like a fun ride I'm in.
  6. Thanks bags for organizing the ride I love riding mid-week. Both you and Van were good navigators. Pictures are badlands overlook at the end of June wash.
  7. I would like to tag along on this ride so I will see you tomorrow morning
  8. HowsAbout

    Roasty Rules??

    Good ride Roasty thanks for organizing. Views from the vistas were as advertised. Wiredrider great seeing all those pictures you took.
  9. Add another rider I could use a guide through this area. See you in the morning 9:00
  10. I don’t know what I was thinking I thought this ride was tomorrow. Oh Well!
  11. I would like to ride along on this ride but my new bike has a 2 gal gas tank and I will be carrying an extra ½ gal which should cover 70 miles easily. Not sure about any distance above 80+. Haven’t had enough time on bike to get an accurate estimate. If you are going further I will have to sit this one out. Thanks for posting.
  12. Thanks for sharing write up and pictures. I am ready for a ride out there again.
  13. HowsAbout

    Let's See Your Christmas Toys!!

    Nice coverage of toys! Is that a yz490 in the background? I sold mine 2 years ago
  14. HowsAbout

    Let's See Your Christmas Toys!!

    I would like to license it here but how? Thanks for the performance tips the throttle doesn’t seem like it goes far enough now I know why.
  15. HowsAbout

    Let's See Your Christmas Toys!!

    What else but a new motorcycle. 2017 WR450F