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  1. I can ride Wednesday morning and will be coming in off of Campo Road via Rancho San Diego until about 4 pm. Where's a good meet up spot?
  2. Sounds like an interesting ride, Johnny. If my son is hanging out with his friends this Wednesday, then I'm in. I'll check your posting and let you know by Tuesday. Mac
  3. Mac250R

    Night ride

    Sounds interesting........Where are you headed? Got a starting time yet?
  4. Just got in and checked your ride-looks interesting. If I can get the bike ready in the morning, I'll meet you guys at the school by 8:30. Hoping to make it but have to play it by ear, so don't wait if I'm not there.
  5. Since I missed the DD this year, I would be interested if the temps. stay below 90.*
  6. Where in Rancho San Diego is your house located?
  7. My bike is a bit low geared (KTM EXC 400). How much freeway riding will there be?
  8. +1 for "team sally". Stayed up way too late having too many beers. I think today is a good day to learn how to check/adjust my valves. Brenden, Go onto You Tube and type in "adjusting valves on KTM RFS motor" in the search window. The video that comes up shows step by step procedures for adjusting the KTM's. Mac
  9. Ran into some carb problems for letting the bike sit too long....hoping to get out soon to run some fresh gas through the bike.
  10. Where, and when, in Julian are you stopping for coffee? I'll see if I can make it to the campground if I can't meet up with you in Julian.
  11. If I don't go to the dunes with the family, then I'd like to check out Plaster City on the 21st with the dual sport.
  12. Mac250R

    Pine Valley Ride

    Yes, you can ride green-stickered quads on Bear Valley road from the staging area at Pine Valley exit as well as the trails all around the campgrounds up above. Some trails are a little narrow for quads, but main trails can be fun. I'll be looking for warmer areas like Bike Slut this time of the year and will check for postings for rides during winter break.
  13. Mac250R

    Costco blowing out old inventory of Garmins

    How does it compare to The Garmin Oregon?
  14. Mac250R

    GPS...worth the price?

    Wow! Now I can buy one of those new fangled GPS things with all the money I'll save not having to pay for "satellite air time!" (LOL). It reminds me a lot of my wife who questioned how my buddy and I could ever afford the air time we used for hours on the road talking on our CB radios! Guess we all have to learn sometime...Anyway, now I know what to shop for. Thanks for the B-Day greeting Trophy Hunter! I'll have to check posted rides and get out with one of you guys to see the GPS actually work on a dual-sport bike.
  15. Mac250R

    GPS...worth the price?

    Very helpful info.-thanks. Following a colored line seems like the best visual I could have to help guide me. Are the downloads only available for PC's? My next question is how much is the fee to subscribe to a satellite provider?

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