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    Ongoing day rides. It has snowed three times since the middle of October, so it is critical to get out and ride on any days that are above 35 degrees and with relatively little or no snow on the ground. So here are few pictures form the last two rides that I have been on. I got to use Bugz Beta, the Xtrainer 300 for them, as he now has officially become a street legal dual sport bike up here. I probably won't be able to go on any more mountain rides, as the ranges will be holding too much snow and freezing temperatures for any winter excursions. But the local desert will hold enough opportunities for day rides from time to time, throughout the winter season. I just need to dress warm, and head out in the afternoon when daytime highs will peak. Pffff....today....no ride.... Bugzy's brand new street plate! Wide open spaces and White mountain in the background, last Sunday. We found an old blown out levee with old cars used to re enforce it...but it didn't work. Tuesday, we hit the area again, and visited the Boar's Tusk, saw an old abandoned ranch, did some bush whacking along the Killpecker dunes, rode the dunes and generally had a good time.
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    So where are you Mimi? I know Wyoming but where? Looks high and flat. Glad you're riding.
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    It looks like you're riding in places I thought no longer existed in America. So incredible, hope you keep taunting us with more reports and photos.
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