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RJ, the owner of All American KTM ( Now closed ) is giving tech talks at Poway Power sports.      I went last night and it was pretty good.   RJ knows what he's talking about and it really was worth going for me.   Apparently, he has 8 prepared discussions that he will rotate through, but he likes talking about motorcycles so questions get pretty good answers, even if they are off topic.

Topics for 10/2:   Fuel injected systems, problems and  maintenance.    Basic suspension service ( he replaced a fork seal on an open chamber fork showing us all the parts and tools req'd).

But the discussion when way deeper than that.   He talked about fuel: Av gas, race fuel, mixing fuel, Ethanol fuel, avoiding Ethanol fuel, effects of lead in fuel, effects of octane at higher altitudes and fuel additives.   He talked about brake fluid - I've been using that stuff for a long time and I learned something.     How to get your Estart only KTM going in the field with a low battery.     How to tune your suspension,   Adjusting for stability vs cornering,  adjusting trail (not sure I was getting that part), air forks, the different types of forks, setting sag and more.   He talked about a lot more and invited us to email him questions.  


I'm not promoting anything ( except maybe my videos )  and don't get anything from Poway power sports.    I usually buy stuff at C&D, (where I also pay full price).    But I got on the invite list by talking to Melo at Poway Power Sports.   Probably anyone there could get you on the list if you want to go.   



Here's my promo and a request.    Video from the Sept 23 Sprint Enduro.     Can someone tell me if they see a "subscribe"  button in it?   I followed the youtube instructions, but it only shows for users that are signed in and not a subscriber.    So, it probably works but I haven't seen it.     From my last video, someone suggested that I give some background info on my bike and the ride.   So, I put that in this one.   Here's the video.







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Nice video once again Pete. Your twisting my arm to go buy a 300. Looks like a lot less work than riding my 450 and 500. 

That was one my favorite races I’ve done. 

Will be back next year. 

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So if you embed the video, like you did above, it doesn't show the "subscribe" button. But if the viewer clicks on the "youtube" in the bottom right hand corner, or copies the URL into a new tab and hits enter, it will take the viewer to your youtube page where they can click on the "subscribe" button. Hope that helps

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