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ZR promo with DP Racing sponsorship (Baja Winning Team), will put on a mid summer HS race at the tower west of Hacienda Santa Veronica. Details to come. Heat prep for this one. Tecate Sprint Enduro Training. You want marked Tecate high caliber single track this one will work. For all you Pros payout will be good as well.

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Been checking in with DP boss and ZR boss, course will follow lots of built in S/T routes in that area, as used by Tecate Enduros,  Tractor Club Races and other rides. Expect good intermediate level trails, with rock sections some short steep climbs and be prepped for lots of heat and dust on the more open sections. I will be a solid event and challenging I need to hold onto my P1 50+ open plate from the last years event.... lots of old guy comp. (including LR this year) . Hope to see some SDAR entires, even you take it a glorified trail ride , which is really what it is anyway, get in!

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