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We ride for Arnie!!!

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I'm taking off today for the Utah BDR with a couple other guys (I'll let them come out of the closet if they so choose). We all know Arnie and are very saddened by his sudden loss. We discussed last night whether or not we should cancel our trip that has been planned for so many months. None of us want to miss his service, whenever that may be. But we also know he would NOT want us to cancel such an amazing opportunity to ride some of the most beautiful land in our amazing country. So we carry on in his honor. We hereby dedicate this trip in the name of Arnie Fry. We will no doubt find a special place along the lines to pay our respects.

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Agreed, he wouldn't want you to cancel your trip....it is great that you are riding in his honor....drink one for me as a toast to Arnie.

I had a toast to Arnie with my sidecar builder Chris Canterbury, last night at the shop.

Arnie....SALUTE !!

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