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  1. Time we had a meeting/ get together. So we will have he meeting at Moto Forza on Wed May 23. We will be eating from 6-7 then have the meeting. A local brewery might be supplying some beverages. Moto Forza - New shop 1220 W Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92029 Thank you
  2. SDAR Meeting- Moto Forza WED 5-23

    Moto Forza - New shop1220 W Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92029
  3. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    So we will have he meeting at Moto Forza on Wed May 23. We will be eating from 6-7 then have the meeting. A local brewery might be supplying some beverages. Moto Forza - New shop 1220 W Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92029
  4. Help Save Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area! We need our members to contact their representatives to oppose SB 1316, which will be heard Monday morning in the Senate Appropriations Committee. We also need people to contact the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to express their opposition to SB 1316. The list of members of the committee and the letter from our lobbying coalition is attached for people to use to craft their own comments. Documents: Senate Appropriations_4-25-18 ORVLC SB 1316 (Glazer) Oppose Sen Appropriations Thank you, CORVA
  5. SDAR Club Meeting 5/23/18 at Moto Forza

    Meeting will be at Moto Forza. We are just coming up with the date. Thank you
  6. SPOT-X

    Fees are something that turned me off of the Inreach. I want to see how well the Spot works, but it definitely has my interest. All annual plans are subject to a $19.95 activation fee. No charge applies to changing to a more inclusive annual plan; a $24.95 fee applies to changing to a less inclusive annual plan. Enrollment in Freedom plans is subject to a $24.95 annual fee. A Freedom plan's minimum term is 30 days. New 30-day minimum applies to changed Freedom plans. No charge applies to changing a Freedom plan. Service can be suspended 1 month at a time at no charge. User retains access to inReach data stored on the Garmin Explore™ portal while account is suspended. Selected plan auto-renews monthly unless user changes account selections in the Garmin Explore™
  7. SPOT-X

    Thrilled to see this. I have been looking at all the different options for the last year or so. I hope this unit works well. I would love to get some real life experience and opinions of this product. I wonder what the lag time is between messages. Did this product just come out?
  8. Babes on sport bikes

    Having all of the other riders just leave says a lot about that group. Those are not the type of people I would want to ride with!
  9. I put together a small group of tickets (12) for the Padres-Dodgers game on Wed 4-18. It will probably sell out. $27 supporting member $32 non supporting my volunteers and supporting members get priority.
  10. SDAR Padres night 4-18 Dodgers

    No takers and it was against the Dodgers. Hard night to set that up. Maybe next time.
  11. SDAR Padres night 4-18 Dodgers

    Please chime in before Monday evening as I will put these up for sale to the public if they are not going to be used. Thank you
  12. SDAR Padres night 4-18 Dodgers

  13. I ended up being stuck with 4 tickets to tonights David Byrne (Talking heads) concert. They are great seats. 4 front row of the Mezz w aisle. I paid $90 ea. Looking for best offers. I know it is late, but I figured I would give it a shot.
  14. Talking to Kieth Huff - President District 37 He was expressing his frustration with the BLM over the LAB2V ride. He said himself and VP David Spencer were having a meeting with BLM in Barstow to discuss permitting issues, rising costs and consistency between the different offices. Seemed like a good meeting to go to with so many of the higher officials being there. I thought it was a good meeting. They seemed responsive to our concerns. It will make it easier to deal with these people in the future knowing them on a personal level. I took away lots of info and some good contacts.
  15. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/mpo/d/alpinestars-tech-6-boots/6521636850.html
  16. I wanted to let you guys know that SDAR had a good turnout for this years Desert Dash. The turnout made it possible to Donate $750 to CORVA this year. We always strive to give back to the Motorcycle community and to support those who help keep our trails and riding areas open. I hope we can do even more next year. Thanks again to all who came out and to those who make up this great Motorcycle community.
  17. SDORC March meeting next Tuesday 3-6

  18. Folks, Just a reminder that the March meeting of San Diego Off-Road Coalition will be next Tuesday the sixth at Ranch House Restaurant in Santee at 7:00 pm. We will be discussing new proposed legislation which might affect off-roading, and other current items of interest to off-roaders. We will also be asking for some input from our membership to help guide our Board of Directors. Come early for dinner, bench racing and socializing. For directions go to sdorc.org/meetings. Hope to see you there! *********************************************************** Keep up to date on issues of importance to the OHV community. Sign up for our free e-mail list here!
  19. Please come out and check out Moto Forza's open house event. I know they have been working hard to get things ready for this. Moto Forza Open House and Ducati Season Opener Where- Moto Forza 1220 W. Washington Ave Escondido Ca 92029 When- Saturday March 3rd 9AM-6PM What- Ducati Demo rides, Husqvarna Product Launch, Food and More! Husqvarna will be displaying the new Vitpilen motorcycle. The only two touring N. America at this time. Any questions please call Kris Cordato Moto Forza kris@moto-forza.com Ph 760-746-6001
  20. until
  21. Someone left behind a cable and a combo lock. Please message me with location left and combo if yours and we can get it back to you.
  22. It was a good turnout. We did have some minor issues we had to overcome, but it all turned out well in the end. We had over 100 riders this year. Thanks to all who came out and and entered the event. Big thanks and appreciation to the volunteers who helped with the event. Some volunteers did not show so it was the smallest crew we had ever had. Sweep teams did a fantastic job sweeping the event and helping those who broke down. Tracy (as usual) made sure all the volunteers ate well over the weekend. Volunteers are the backbone of making the event run. The Sponsors were great this year. Veys, SD BMW, Escondido BMW, Moto Forza, GP Motorcycles, Moto World of El Cajon, NCY, Soth Bay Motorsports, Martins Motorcycle Specialties, Top Value Tire, Cycle Gear, Rocky Mountain ATV, Butterfield Ranch, SatModo. Please support those who help support us. I did not get to take a lot of pictures as I was busy with the Recovery vehicle and dealing with issues as they arose.
  23. viewing ads

    Can you guys please tell me if you are seeing ads on the site. Some people do and some dont. I would like to know what the percentages are. Thank you
  24. Looking to start a list of volunteers for the 2018 Desert Dash. Rescue vehicle- Drivers/ Volunteers Emt's Sweep Riders- Should have two loops so will need a few Gps downloads Registration List of people who volunteered - Please let me know if you are out Carguy DirtDame Cosmo Dstss Bson2or4 Alyeska Uncle Champ Karlaeda JohhnyAirtime Thank you
  25. There will be some site maintenance and upgrades done tonight around 7-8:00. Just wanted to let everyone know in case the site is down for any extended period of time. Thanks Mike