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  1. Bike Stolen from Golden Hill

    Please be on the lookout for this bike. Thank you
  2. You are welcome. Nice meeting the family. I think you get a free Chick Fil A sandwich with your ticket from yesterday. Wife and I going to try that out now.
  3. So I have a huge block of tickets for the Padres vs Giants Wed Sept 19 Toyota terrace. I would love to see a bunch of SDAR members going. Event volunteers, supporting members will have priority. Please let me know asap because I will not have these tickets go unused. Donations to SDAR are always appreciated. These tickets cannot be resold. Thank you
  4. Veys Powersports is a fantastic dealer and a great sponsor of SDAR. We will be doing much more with them in the future. Please support those who support us! When you go in please let them know you are coming from SDAR. I had just seen this and wanted to pass it on. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcd/d/2017-husqvarna-701-enduro/6634540114.html
  5. F Fargoin and Family. Nice to meet you guys and glad you went.
  6. Yes, I still have some tickets
  7. Veys Powersports

    Camping Seminar at Vey's Powersports, Wednesday 9/19.
  8. We need to meet up tonight/ tomorrow or we can meet up before the game at the game. Let me know.
  9. My family got new phones yesterday. While hanging out for hours one of the employees was telling me about a tracking app for snow skiing. Turns out they have one for the motorcycles as well. Thought I would share to see if you guys wanted to use it. https://app.eatsleepride.com/
  10. Bump I do some left. Still need to make arrangements on getting them out to those who are going.
  11. I have been asked to pass this on. SDORC will be having a maintenance clean up day at Corral Canyon on Oct 13 at 9:00 am Meeting at 4 Corners. Since we are due for a maintenance day why not do it in conjunction with them. Please chime in if you are interested in helping. Thank you
  12. I have some of the 18v batteries if that is what your Ryobi model trimmer uses.
  13. We will be having a club meeting at Veys in El Cajon on Wed Sept 12 from 6-8. We have had lots of new members so please come on down and mingle with members and check out all the good products that Veys has to offer. We will have food and drinks. 690 N 2nd St, El Cajon, CA 92021
  14. Sorry, I mean a cordless hedge trimmer. Rangers do not want gas powered tools because of the fire danger.
  15. The fastest and best system is to have one person with a cordless trimmer along with someone with loppers go ahead on the trail while someone follows and clears the debris from the trail. I can deliver the loppers and trimmers on the quad to the locations with the quad. I am trying to find some cordless trimmers on CL. If people have some that we can use that would be great.
  16. We are getting close. I have a few tickets still available. For those who are going, lets make arrangements to get the tickets. Thank you
  17. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2FSan-Diego-Powersport-Enthusiasts%2Fevents%2F254492179%2F&h=AT3PmPQNqImYbvnhPfrN5vt2FK0WkLAmscYufF0glr3FbPOFJBnIOTsMGqrTI-DY2465cU9mlJH7f6qXca0q5Tm5sBphm69MhqJW7OunSA3xoo7D-VDliIw-PKdA08HTL9zJRee4vVH9LzsnEpK24BHQ5r_CWXPlVYyU1UjCJFZC6RRXVGWXXrS9h4c106egOLKkpS9HYqnk3XSJ7y5ECDeqvX9xi3_Gpwp-IEmyntK4cfBH4m2uVzOwgSNJwkzpCvGh1ILcvsYnWWoU396UQsBopS9nb-b-qET67THaubVo2HhRLSXnhHmJX5IIWCmMNbNfs0YqpNjeaS0MvetUNstTPiUyFimqKl_wm8MD0SapooH4DN3E3DVbbvYznBAc-JLzeHlpwFJOv1JugHkjGOQgJC191-c
  18. Veys Powersports

    MotoCampers! Join Us on a San Diego Adventure Ride! https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2FSan-Diego-Powersport-Enthusiasts%2Fevents%2F254492179%2F&h=AT3PmPQNqImYbvnhPfrN5vt2FK0WkLAmscYufF0glr3FbPOFJBnIOTsMGqrTI-DY2465cU9mlJH7f6qXca0q5Tm5sBphm69MhqJW7OunSA3xoo7D-VDliIw-PKdA08HTL9zJRee4vVH9LzsnEpK24BHQ5r_CWXPlVYyU1UjCJFZC6RRXVGWXXrS9h4c106egOLKkpS9HYqnk3XSJ7y5ECDeqvX9xi3_Gpwp-IEmyntK4cfBH4m2uVzOwgSNJwkzpCvGh1ILcvsYnWWoU396UQsBopS9nb-b-qET67THaubVo2HhRLSXnhHmJX5IIWCmMNbNfs0YqpNjeaS0MvetUNstTPiUyFimqKl_wm8MD0SapooH4DN3E3DVbbvYznBAc-JLzeHlpwFJOv1JugHkjGOQgJC191-c
  19. Yes traffic was a nightmare. Took me 2 hours from Ncounty and I left early(I thought). Good meeting guys. We had a good turn out. 20+ members showed with many new faces. Big thanks to Veys for keeping the doors open and hanging out.
  20. Any Golfers?

    I received an invite for early entry to the "Links at Petco". It is an event where they set up a 9 hole "course" in Petco. You hit from the stands and try to hit the holes on the field. I would make a foursome if we had members that were interested. Cost is $75 a person. You get the course and a commemorative hat. I would need to know quickly as these usually sell out.
  21. Bump, Meeting coming up on Wed.
  22. I just purchased a large slab of meat and will be marinating . Grilled Pollo and Carne Asada tacos will be available, maybe Jalapeno poppers as well. Come down to Veys and bring your appetite with you.