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  1. KTMrad: Thank you. I'll check it out.
  2. > If you want, I can get you the guys number. < KTMrad, Absolutely! I would love to obtain something suitable for long term adventure touring. Battery management was an issue during recent trips due to extended remote primitive camping. I know many will say we are riding with a generator between our legs, but I want an alternative solar source, especially for a laptop, tablet, camera batteries and cell phone. I will look into the portable chargers as well. Btw, do you have build-report or blog for your sidecar rig? I think it looks great! Thanks in advance! David
  3. KTM Rad: Is that a solar panel on your trunk lid? If it is a solar panel, please reply with your impressions of it? I was tempted to try something similar but didn't think any solar panel could handle the off-road abuse. A mfr and model recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. KTM Rad: Btw, after a lot of fine tuning of my schedule, it currently looks like the following: Oct. 20th - Nov. 30th: New Zealand (Approx. 6.5 weeks) Dec. 1st - Feb. 28th: Australia (Approx. 3 months) Mar. 1st - Mar. 19th: Malasia (Approx. 2.5 weeks, includes shipping duration) Mar. 20th - Mar. 24th: Thailand (5 day crossing with guided tour - new regulations) Mar. 25th - Mar. 31st: Myanmar/Burma (7 day crossing with guided tour - guide required) April 1st - May 31st: India (2 or more months) June: Nepal Remainder... TBD (maybe Europe...)
  5. KTM RAD, Hello and thank you for writing. I love the goggles on your dog! That absolutely is fantastic! He must be the envy of all the dogs in your neighborhood. If you are not from San Diego and need a place for maintenance before heading south, please let me know. Take care & have a great trip! I love your setup! You and your dog would be a celebrities in China! (Btw, you can travel on expressways with your rig. Motorcycles are not allowed. Only three wheels or more...) Take care!
  6. Leo Vince X3 Exhaust: 35mm db Reducer

    Btw, if an off-brand db reducer may work, I would consider trying it as well. Does anyone know of a resource to obtain db measurements of a vehicle. I suppose a LEO my have something but would prefer a local business. Thanks again.
  7. Hello. I recently purchased a Leo Vince X3 exhaust that did not include the db reducers. If anyone has a reducer for a Leo Vince X3 that is not needed, please email me or PM me directly. My manual references an internal pipe of T36 or 36mm. Therefore, I think the 35 mm reducers are compatible with my pipe. Also, if you know of a distributor for Leo Vince in the United States that may have a reducer or a hanger, please reply to this post. I would like to purchase one or two hangers. I will ship the motorcycle to New Zealand and Australia this fall and I need a reducer to ensure the XRV750 Africa Twin will pass their warrant of fitness safety inspection. Thanks in advance! (Admin: If there is a better location for this post, please move it or let me know. Thank you.)
  8. BP619, kato, BajaDog & Bruce: Hello & Thank you for your replies. Kato: Bonjour! I lurk on the UK's XRV.org forum once in a while and there is quite a loyal following of the older Africa Twins. I think the new Africa Twin will eventually eclipse the old ones over time...at least I hope it will since I will upgrade eventually. (But then again, the CRF1000L may never win a Paris - Dakar four years in a row...) I test rode the CRF1000L and it is a great package. If you have not ridden either AT, I suggest a test ride on either the old XRV or CRF. I am not surprised you still see a lot of old AT's on the road. A German fellow purchased an older high mileage XRV that was used for courier business and then rode it around the world for approximately fourteen years. In 2010 it had 567,000 km's on it! That is more than 352,000 miles... and a lot of time in the saddle! It would be interesting to learn if it reached 600,000 km. Feel free to ship another one home for me<g>. http://www.xrv.org.uk/forums/africa-twin/48066-567-000-km-s-rd04-africa-twin.html http://www.honda-museum.com/honda-nxr750-paris-dakar/ http://www.honda-museum.com/honda-xrv650-africa-twin/ BajaDog: Ah...CT70's. I know them well. My neighbor had one and I saw many over the years in RV parks. I went from a Z50 to SL70 and then an XL185. Those were great years when happiness was a full tank of gas... in fact, it still is! I have friends who remember riding dirt bikes in Sorrento Valley before Mira Mesa Blvd was developed. The same with Vista and Oceanside... Experiencing San Diego in the 70's must have been special. Could you ride on the beach back then? It may be interesting to learn how much freedom San Diegians/Californians have lost over the years. Actually, I am surprised I can drive my SUV onto the beach at La Jolla Shores to unload and retrieve my kayaks. Make it a great weekend!
  9. Btw, I can't take credit for the pannier table top design. I had a someone make it for me after seeing a comparable setup from a rally in the UK. The best part about it, other than the extra cooking space, is that it only requires a millimeter of vertical space in bottom of my AT's trunk. If you are interested, I can provide a couple close-up photographs via PM.
  10. Zubb: Hello. Thank you for the comment about the trip pics. I had to access my original photographs to check the sequence of photographs between my two cameras. I believe the photograph was taken at the summit of Black Bear Pass along the Alpine Loop road near Ouray. (12,867 feet) If I recall correctly, there is a sign and small lake in the vicinity. If not Black Bear it was either one of the other passes listed above. It was great to enjoy the area without a jeep, side by side, razor or motorcycle in sight. Continuous solo dual-sporting, day after day, without any other traffic certainly helps build one's confidence and riding skills. I found myself assessing every technical portion with great caution. (Measure twice...cut once.) The Africa Twin is a great ride but can be difficult to pickup, depending on the circumstances. I tried to teach myself to ride the sand dunes in March.... again by myself. I never dreamed up-righting a motorcycle could feel like treading water while holding an anchor! The ants weren't too happy either. I also learned about the unexpected witch's eyes and hanging on for the four foot flat faced drop/cliff resulting in a jump.... Another confidence building experience! That is one reason I joined the forum. A riding buddy to help lift a big dual-sport bike would have been nice a couple of times, especially at Glamis or Dumont Dunes. As the photograph below reflects, sometimes the easiest looking route could catch one off guard. Take care & ride safely! (Trial and error at Glamis... Sand was softer than cotton balls along the drifting side of the small sand dune. I learned a lot in the dunes this day in March... for an Ohio boy.)
  11. For those yet to extend their adventures beyond San Diego county, the first URL/link reflects a recent two month trip to: White Rim Trail - Canyonlands N.P. (Utah) Extensive riding between Escalante and Big Water, Utah (Kelly's Grade, 330/300 Smoky Mtn Road, Hole in the Rock Road); Southeastern Utah: Monument Valley, Moki Dugway, Moki Point is a MUST DO; Valley of Gods; Goosenecks State Park; General exploring... Ouray, CO: Ophir Pass; Black Bear Pass; Engineer Pass; Alpine Loop (many Gulches); side trips to Lake City, Silverton; Million Dollar Hwy to Durango Ridgway, CO: Really enjoyed Orvis Hot Springs - check it out.... just bring a smile! Moab to Zion via route 24-12-89 and 9; fantastic scenery. Avoided interstates and rode the Mojave Desert as far as possible. Due to the above average weather, I was able to camp 55 of 60 nights and have the mountain passes to myself during October & November. The second URL reflects a desert 'super bloom' tour at Anza Borrego State Park, Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area, Glamis, Joshua Tree NP (best location for desert blossoms) and Death Valley.
  12. Mimi, WierdRider, TNTMO & Uncle Champ: Hello and thank you for the kind words. That Honda Z50 was the 'original' adventure ride... and provided unimaginable freedom for a seven year old on a farm! In regards to the Africa Twin, she gets dirty once in a while.... you can see her dirty-dancing at either of the following URL's. I am sure many will recognize the 'dancefloor'. Enjoy! http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/dkunze/library/Africa%20Twin%20Tour%20of%20CA_NV_UT_AZ_CO?sort=4&page=1 http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/dkunze/library/2017-03%20Desert%20Trip?sort=4&page=1
  13. BSon2or4: Good evening and thank you very much your reply. I actually have the two mounts and am requesting the fabrication of a second set for my second motorcycle. Therefore, the I can provide the two mounts in the photographs. I'll send a PM to continue this discussion offline. Thanks again for your interest and response!
  14. Hello. I am interested in learning of a metal fabricator or smaller machine shop that may consider smaller projects at an affordable or reasonable rate. The following images are LED turn signal light mounts that are used to relocate the turn signals on my motorcycle. Please PM or reply to this thread if you can recommend a metal fabricator or POC in San Diego county. I also have a couple other smaller items to fabricate or weld for the motorcycle. Thanks in advance!