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  1. San Felipe?

    What kind of trip do you have in mind? Small, medium or large bikes? Mostly dirt? Ride all day or take it easy? It's been a few months since I've gone to Baja, and I might be interested in a quick three day trip.
  2. We'll probably trend toward the non-schmancy joints. I'm just a working stiff after all. What are the good "working man's" wineries? Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving jaunt.
  3. Good idea. I found a couple of good maps. We'll have to check it out. Thanks. Great information. That's very helpful. Do you generally have to call ahead to these places or can you just rock up during business hours? I've started getting the FMM when I cross nowadays. It adds a few minutes to the crossing but gives me peace of mind.
  4. I'm trying to ease my girlfriend into going on Baja adventures with me, and I'm planning to start with an easy pavement-only trip to wine country this weekend. The problem is I don't know a damn thing about wineries, and I've never been to Valle de Guadalupe. I always just get on the dirt and ride South. I'm hoping some of our Baja experts with more refined tastes can help me out. Any suggestions for wineries/restaurants/itineraries would be greatly appreciated. Where are the best wineries? Which ones can be done in the same day? Where is a good place to stay that won't break the bank? I'll be two up with a girl who is a little apprehensive about motorcycles and Mexico, so I want it to be as easy and laid back as possible, so she can feel comfortable.
  5. Garage stuff for sale

    I'll take the boots. Mine are falling apart.
  6. You just click on the picture to vote?
  7. I just realized I never gave a report on this trip. In normal form, I did not take many pictures. Let me summarize the weekend by saying 1. Compadre is beautifully graded right now as is most of La Calentura. 2. The CRF1000L does not like sand. 3. Ensenada is not much fun to ride through. 4. Keep your eyes on the road in the mountains... don't end up like this guy: We crossed in Tecate early Saturday. It took about half an hour for Tom to get his TVIP sorted so he could continue South to Mazatlán. We took the free road to Compadre and rode it down to Ojos Negros. The Africa Twin did pretty well except in the sand. Tom kept it upright with difficulty until the last long, straight stretch of sand going into Ojos Negros. He started fishtailing and ate it doing about twenty mph. He bruised his leg pretty well, and did a number on the Honda's fairings. It took some time to get the bike up and repacked and ridden out of the sandy stretch with bruised legs and (even worse) shaken confidence. We wanted to get to Erendira, but I didn't think taking the Honda down La Lagrima was a good idea, and we were running too late to go through Valle de la Trinidad and over on La Calentura, so we slabbed it through Ensenada. I can't recommend it. Lots of traffic lights. We stayed at Coyote Cal's and met with a group of riders, all women, on an annual ride they called "Hooters on scooters". They were mostly on rented CRF450Xs, but there was also a 72 year old lady on a YZ250. That was impressive. About an hour after the women arrived, a second group (the husbands I guess) showed up too, so there was a good crowd at the bar. Tom got some good route ideas from the guy leading the group trip, and I heard that the trail through El Mano Canyon is open and passable now. I'm thinking about going down it to get to the oasis at Canyon De Guadalupe for my next trip in October. I said goodbye to Tom in the morning and headed south out of Erendira along the racetrack then cut over to La Calentura. I saw a big thunderstorm coming in from Valle de la Trinidad, so I got on the slab and raced it to Ojos Negros, then I went up Compadre keeping just in front of the storm. I was back in the US by 15:00. It wasn't a very exciting trip as far as the riding went, but I met some interesting folks, and I got some interesting information about routes for next time.
  8. This is the bike I bought in August for a road trip to Wyoming to the Eclipse. It did 3,500 miles in ten days on that trip without a single problem. It has about 20,000 miles with a clean California title in my name and is registered through July 2018. I am the third owner. I'm selling it because I mostly ride off road in San Diego/Baja, so my WR250R is all I need. I put on a new X-ring chain and sprockets with stock gearing ratios before the trip (around 16,500 miles), and I installed a 12 volt USB outlet. It has a brand new Bridgestone rear (front is a Michelin at 50% tread), and I changed the oil and filter before and after the trip. Per the previous owner, it had its valves checked during the 12,000 mile service at the dealership. The bike comes with a rear rack and locking top case as well as soft saddlebags and a touring windscreen. The bike runs well, and everything works as it should. Mileage will go up slowly. I ride it to work once a week. $3,300.
  9. New to San Diego

    Welcome to the club. I rode down to Eréndira last weekend with someone on a CRF1000L. He had an... interesting time wrangling that thing in the sand, but at the end of the day all the girls at the bar wanted to test ride it. Just post up in the Baja section next time you want to go, and most likely someone will want to tag along.
  10. I found a few more pictures on my other camera. The Teton Range. Monument Valley. Mount Evans. Zion National Park. Glenn Canyon Dam. Gunnison National Forest. (The rear tire was starting to get pretty bald at this point.) Clouds over the Tetons.
  11. In Yellowstone, I saw a couple of Swiss-plated WR250Rs in a café parking lot. I was hoping whoever owned them would come back before I finished my coffee and headed on, but they didn't, and I headed on. I later found their ride report on ADVrider. It's ironic that I deliberately left my WR250R at home because of how long the trip was, and they chose the same bike for a longer trip. Pity we didn't get a chance to chat.
  12. We will probably end up in Eréndira on Saturday night. Might see you there.
  13. Tom from the UK is currently on a trip from Alaska to Mexico on his new Africa twin. He will be passing through in San Diego tomorrow and Friday and then heading down into Baja Saturday. I offered to tag along across the border with him on Saturday, and if anyone else is looking for a quick Baja trip that's big bike friendly, we would welcome the company. It's going to be pretty warm (mid 80s forecast in Tecate), so we'll probably stay toward the Pacific Coast. I'll be heading back up to the States Sunday because I have to work on Monday. Anyone interested?
  14. Thanks. I didn't plan or reserve anything. When the sun started getting close to the horizon I kept an eye out for a sign for national forests, and then I would ride down an access road until I found a good spot. I didn't stay in campgrounds or anything like that.