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  1. Voted! will continue to do so as allowed. Good luck to you and doc. Meet me @ dog beach when you get back!
  2. Awesome pictures! Just drove thru on my way from havasu and there wasnt a camper to be seen. Looks like you got an even better view!
  3. People gotta pave man!!! (I just so happen to work for a paving contractor and asphalt plant). Does really suck seeing the dirt roads disappear in our town though. Its a shame
  4. Clamper eh? My dad has been a clamper for some 15 years or more with Squibob chapter. Im sure Ill join one day... Ive been to many clamp sites, plaques and especially the watering holes. E Clampmus Vitus!
  5. used to swim there all the time as a kid growing up in Ramona. Spooky tales of gravity hill were tested as well. Yes.. it works
  6. sunset cliffs?
  7. forgot the link...for the links will go to adv rider and CL if nobody here is interested. Thanks
  8. With the help of Mr TNTMO I replaced the KLX4 Kouba links that were on my bike while doing some other work. Great condition.. I just went back to stock height because the old girl was too short me. I had them on a 2010 KLX250S but they should work on a lot of different bikes as well from website info. Lowers the bike 2". Check link for info. $75 new so I'll take $40 (kouba links only) from a member if interested. I have the whole linkage set with the kouba links if you want the whole package we can work something out. Also have brand new 64oz Engine Ice coolant (unopened). Bought it last week from RMC but went a different route. $19 new plus shipping so anyone want it for $15?
  9. Ill take 1 large. Let me know when to send payment
  10. that episode was awesome! +1 on the trail
  11. yea i should have asked but was hoping to get it going at that point. Failed ... sad
  12. I did not. Trip postponed until I get it figured out . Thanks for the offer should the need arise !
  13. Thanks Dame. Keeping my fingers crossed! Was going to be my first ride down south with goofy to lead. Been prepping all week
  14. SDAR I need help. I need a last minute loaner bike if anyone has one. Goofy Footer and I planned a trip to coyote cals for this weekend. Supposed to leave early tomorrow morning. My bike has been running perfect even until last night. Loaded in truck today and it wont go into gear. Stuck in neutral... wont engage into any gear. Tried everything I could without pulling the transmission open and i dont have the time for that with the trip planned for tomorrow morning departure. even called a couple of you folks for advice. So... does anyone have a loaner bike they would let me take down??? Happy to pay rental fee to you and provide your favorite adult beverage. I know this is a long shot but if anyone can make it happen, its this group. Please contact me if you think you can help. Call or text greg at 619 952 7126. Thanks in advance!!!