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  1. Thanks Winty, Crawdaddy, Goofy and BP. Sent BP a message I think we are going to be able to work it out. You guys are all awesome for offering up your gear to me. Much love SDAR! Still wondering if anyone has used the new harbor fright or not. Might pick one up in the near future
  2. Sounds great. Ill send a PM thanks! Also, I read some reviews and it seems like they have fixed alot of the support issues with the harbor freight model. Anyone have any experience with this? At $120 its tempting. With the holidays coming I cant blow the $400 on the OG Joe Hauler (as much as I want to!) harbor freight edition https://www.harborfreight.com/400-lb-receiver-mount-motorcycle-carrier-62837.html
  3. Hey Everyone, I pulled the trigger today and took the time off work for a new years weekend/birthday trip to San Felipe. Ive been trucking my bike around with my F-150 but the truck is owned by my work so I don't wanna mess around with it south of the border. Ill be heading down the 29th thru the 2nd for a quick trip to meet my dad in San Felipe and do some riding & relaxing. He is bringing his toy hauler but it will be packed with his gear, polaris, and quad for my wife. Therefore --- I'm looking for a joe hauler so I can strap it to my jeep and tow it down that way. Bike weighs 297 lb dry so maybe 320 with the extra bash protection and other add-ons?? Anyone have a joe hauler they are looking to sell? Or rent for the weekend for a nominal fee? Ive heard bad things about the off brand models so Im hesitant to buy a cheapo no name from craigslist but I could be worrying for no reason. Hit me up if you got something. I appreciate the help in advance guys!
  4. So I loaded up the wife, dog, and bike in the truck Friday morning and headed to Corral Canyon for the weekend. Camped out and did some solo riding. The weather was great and it was pretty quiet out there. I expected a lot more riders & jeepers since its a holiday weekend but I only saw a few on the trail. Since I am fairly noob and rode alone I took it easy but man I had a hoot! Rode bobcat, Corral, and part of Wrangler (got mixed up on Corral and ended up on Wrangler). Then I went up Los Pinos Rd to see the fire tower but the top gate was closed. Lastly, I took a cruise down corral canyon rd south from the campground all the way down to Skye Valley rd (I think, map wasn't very clear). It was starting to get late and I was not entirely sure what trail I was on so I headed back so I wouldnt have to navigate unfamilair areas in the dark. Had some cold beers, chili dogs, and a bit of bourbon.. then off to bed. Great day. FYI its getting really chilly at night out there and fire restrictions are still in effect until 12/4 according to ranger station. Woke up, bacon, eggs, and breakfast potatoes with coffee. Then a bit more wandering about on the bike and it was time to pack up. Only a couple photos but got alot of GoPro footage. Take a look if your'e bored. Im sure I am a lot slower than most of you but I wanted to be careful on the overgrown corners and I am not familiar with the area. Still I had a fantastic time getting out there and riding. Id love to ride this area with someone who knows the terrain better some day! Top of Los Pinos Some Videos ... Just learning how to use the GoPro test 2.mp4 GP010461.MP4
  5. NICE RIDE.Sounds like fun. I want to check out those wind caves sometime. Next time you find yourself on split mtn rd, make sure to grab a cold one @ the Iron Door!
  6. Hey guys is anyone going to corral canyon this weekend??? I wanna get out for the weekend and do some camping & riding. Ive only camped at corral canyon once before and it wasnt too packed. Im wondering if the campground will be full since its thanksgiving weekend and its a tiny campground. Anyone stayed there during this time of year before and have some input? Anyways, Ill be heading out friday morning with the wife, dog, and bike in the truck. Ive actually never ridden there.. only camped and done some wheeling in the jeep. Easy mellow pace at first and then see how things go. Noobish ride for sure. If anyone wants to join me and maybe show me some good trails out here that would be awesome. Ill have beer and food. PM me or post a reply. Ill check this thread from time to time. Thanks guys!
  7. Im interested in the baja ride for Arnie. Never rode with Arnie but I spent time @ his house as I was friends in high school with his son Nathan. Firm up the dates and Ill follow up
  8. Voted! will continue to do so as allowed. Good luck to you and doc. Meet me @ dog beach when you get back!
  9. Awesome pictures! Just drove thru on my way from havasu and there wasnt a camper to be seen. Looks like you got an even better view!
  10. People gotta pave man!!! (I just so happen to work for a paving contractor and asphalt plant). Does really suck seeing the dirt roads disappear in our town though. Its a shame
  11. Clamper eh? My dad has been a clamper for some 15 years or more with Squibob chapter. Im sure Ill join one day... Ive been to many clamp sites, plaques and especially the watering holes. E Clampmus Vitus!
  12. used to swim there all the time as a kid growing up in Ramona. Spooky tales of gravity hill were tested as well. Yes.. it works
  13. sunset cliffs?
  14. forgot the link...for the links http://www.koubalink.com/KLX250-300.html will go to adv rider and CL if nobody here is interested. Thanks
  15. With the help of Mr TNTMO I replaced the KLX4 Kouba links that were on my bike while doing some other work. Great condition.. I just went back to stock height because the old girl was too short me. I had them on a 2010 KLX250S but they should work on a lot of different bikes as well from website info. Lowers the bike 2". Check link for info. $75 new so I'll take $40 (kouba links only) from a member if interested. I have the whole linkage set with the kouba links if you want the whole package we can work something out. Also have brand new 64oz Engine Ice coolant (unopened). Bought it last week from RMC but went a different route. $19 new plus shipping so anyone want it for $15?