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  1. 2000 KTM 300- AZ plated. for sale

    Broke my wrist riding new years. Got cast off recently. Now time to fix the broken bike parts but thats the only fun part of the crash right?
  2. Time for an upgrade

    I have a KLX250s that is bored to 331. Very fun but heavy for its size if you ask me. Mine is actually lowered with koubalinks but I plan on changin that as I am 6' on any given sunday. PM me if you want to try a lowered KLX before you decide to buy a new bike
  3. Rugged Radios

    I bought a 6 pack of those 5 watt radios for our paving crew and they are great. Caught a deal on the website and got all 6 with extended batteries and longer distance antennae for a smoking price. Very happy with the purchase so far.
  4. Beni, Im interested in the body armor. Especially now that my arm cast is gone from my new years tumble in the desert. Is the gear still available?
  5. Im not a huge facebook person but the private messenger on facebook works just like texting between phones and is free if you are on Wifi in Baja. You can even make calls. I have used it many times from Baja Norte all the way down to Cabo. Just make sure you are running on Wifi and not mobile data. Never had any strange fees on my verizon bill afterwards. Just my $.02
  6. I was in OW near county line rd tues thru fri. Rode out to shell reef, pumpkin patch, and various areas having a great time. That is until Thursday night, over a ridge and the rain had washed out the other side coming down. Short free fall followed by a nice flip over the bars. Dont worry Tom.... the bike is running fine! Although I type this with one hand as the other is in a cast. Picked the bike up off the sand and rode to the iron door for a cold one and a bag of ice. Headed home following morning before the downpour
  7. Biker Hauler Question

    Nice rack, nicer jeep. Well done ! Im hoping to pick up a joe hauler for a good deal
  8. Biker Hauler Question

    found one (joe hauler brand) on CL for $100 in my hood. I might check it out tonight. Thanks for the tips
  9. Biker Hauler Question

    Im thinking of doing the same with my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have heard they trash the suspension on the vehicle though. Could depend on how hard the vehicle is driven, weight of the bike...etc. Any one experience that? Also, prefer not to spend the $300+/- on specific Joe Hauler brand but willing to do so if its worth it. Any other good ones to check out? Thanks in advance
  10. Baja Holiday Ride

    Ill be in San Felipe 12/27 thru 12/31 riding and camping. Family trip so we are trucking the bikes down in a toy hauler. Maybe Ill see ya @ Rancho Percebu for a bowl drink!
  11. Test Results

    That is AWESOME! Good for you. Total noob here and I would like to ride. Ill wait for the details... and Congratulations again!!
  12. Cancer Update

    You got this! My pop went thru throat cancer twice and then prostate cancer. Tough old man. Its a long hard road but you will defeat this! Best wishes to you!
  13. Wish I could make this one but the poor lil Kawi is still having head gasket issues. Once she is running good again I am going to post up and see if I can get one of you fine gentlemen to lead a NOOB friendly ride I can attend.
  14. Tropic Thunder... NEVER GO FULL TARD!!
  15. SOLD

    Ill take the rotopax. Doesnt include mount odes it!?!?