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  1. that episode was awesome! +1 on the trail
  2. yea i should have asked but was hoping to get it going at that point. Failed ... sad
  3. I did not. Trip postponed until I get it figured out . Thanks for the offer should the need arise !
  4. Thanks Dame. Keeping my fingers crossed! Was going to be my first ride down south with goofy to lead. Been prepping all week
  5. SDAR I need help. I need a last minute loaner bike if anyone has one. Goofy Footer and I planned a trip to coyote cals for this weekend. Supposed to leave early tomorrow morning. My bike has been running perfect even until last night. Loaded in truck today and it wont go into gear. Stuck in neutral... wont engage into any gear. Tried everything I could without pulling the transmission open and i dont have the time for that with the trip planned for tomorrow morning departure. even called a couple of you folks for advice. So... does anyone have a loaner bike they would let me take down??? Happy to pay rental fee to you and provide your favorite adult beverage. I know this is a long shot but if anyone can make it happen, its this group. Please contact me if you think you can help. Call or text greg at 619 952 7126. Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Following.... Would love to join if this takes shape. Like most others on this thread I have baja camping and vacation experience but always drove to destinations.
  7. Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Mesa. GREAT Doctors there. Although they can be pricey, they are honest and dont upsell. Its a specialty center for more serious conditions. My dog was diagnosed with thyroid cancer by my normal vet and recommended chemo & radiation to the tune of about $6k. Went to this place and the oncologist confirmed diagnosis and gave me similar options but said honestly that it was a failing mission and he wouldn't do that to a member of his family. Just my 2 cents RIP Dingo. Goodluck to your furry friend
  8. dag nabbit!! I gave away my secret identity.
  9. Donation Sent! StealthDingo = Greg Johnson
  10. Broke my wrist riding new years. Got cast off recently. Now time to fix the broken bike parts but thats the only fun part of the crash right?
  11. I have a KLX250s that is bored to 331. Very fun but heavy for its size if you ask me. Mine is actually lowered with koubalinks but I plan on changin that as I am 6' on any given sunday. PM me if you want to try a lowered KLX before you decide to buy a new bike
  12. I bought a 6 pack of those 5 watt radios for our paving crew and they are great. Caught a deal on the website and got all 6 with extended batteries and longer distance antennae for a smoking price. Very happy with the purchase so far.
  13. Beni, Im interested in the body armor. Especially now that my arm cast is gone from my new years tumble in the desert. Is the gear still available?
  14. Im not a huge facebook person but the private messenger on facebook works just like texting between phones and is free if you are on Wifi in Baja. You can even make calls. I have used it many times from Baja Norte all the way down to Cabo. Just make sure you are running on Wifi and not mobile data. Never had any strange fees on my verizon bill afterwards. Just my $.02