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  1. That thing is so cool!
  2. That is quite the basket case, excellent transformation!
  3. Hilarious! Looks like a really fun area to ride if you weren't on a minibike. A neighbor bought one of those red Coleman minis off Amazon... He rode the heck out of it for two days and I haven't seen it since. I think the novelty wears off really quick.
  4. Thanks for the pictures Jim. All that lush green foliage from the winter rains turned to tall dead grass in a hurry! I am a little concerned..... I have also noticed way more reptiles out. I have seen two different snakes in Mission Valley near my work! Never have seen them here before.
  5. Here's a video of the fire starting here: http://kogo.iheart.com/onair/ted-garcia-58417/video-of-possible-suspects-starting-dulzura-15849925/ I can't imagine having to battle that fire in the heat we had
  6. I saw tons of videos of the teeter totter on instagram, and you definitely handled it well. Looked like a good time.
  7. As much as I would love to commute on a bike, I have about 19 miles one way of Hwy 8 traffic daily during prime-time.I may ride it once or twice as a novelty. Make no mistake, the Grom is pretty gutless with a fat guy like me on it! But I think I'll have endless fun on it!
  8. Bought it! Has 17 miles on it. 17! Thanks for the help everyone. Look for me in pine valley on it soon
  9. Thanks guys. I've recently discovered his channel Winty, and I have been loving it! I actually looked at buying a CT70, which led to the discovery of the Grom. To be honest, I didn't know it existed until I started looking a month ago. The lure of fuel injection is real! And also I believe I'm driving up to Riverside to pickup this black one this evening.... Wish me luck!
  10. I'm going to post this since I can sense the silent judgement
  11. Incredible trip! I have to be honest, I didn't realize how far you traveled until the final map image.... WOW! Congrats on making such an amazing trek, and making us all jealous at the same time!
  12. Seems like a solid deal, and the seller was upfront with the issue. I would definitely look around the bike for a pinched wire to possibly isolate the issue. Congrats!
  13. Just sent my annual, really appreciate this site!
  14. welder

    Sent you a PM, let me know if that works. I have some small projects I could use this for!