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  1. Home Depot Run - 9 degrees

    Looks like good two-wheel weather
  2. My new ride

    Nice ride Ken! Keep me updated on what you like about the 500 vs the WR!
  3. Looks like a good ride, and just enough rain to keep the dust down and increase traction
  4. Ocotillo Wells RV Camping advice

    We had a great camp right off Cahuilla between Commune Road and Gas dome Trail. Overall a great trip, lots of dust, and a fairly quiet New Year! Thanks to all that helped me find a great spot for the family!
  5. Ocotillo Wells RV Camping advice

    Some great ideas and locations I didn't know existed in here, so I am definitely glad I asked! We tend to gravitate towards gas domes and the surrounding area, so I will probably head that way. I think I'll head out to Cahhuilla and head north until I see more dirt than people. Our group consists of motorcycle riders that also own sandrails, so we end up packed in on Gecko Rd or in the Washes on Holiday weekends, and I'm over listening to music at 3am. Time to shake it up! Much appreciated all!
  6. We've had our toyhauler over a year now, and have only camped Ocotillo one weekend out of the 50 we've gone to Glamis, Plaster City and Gordons Well. The last time we were there, it was right after a rainstorm and no one was out there. We stayed just north off the 78 at Alkali trail I believe. West of Pole Line Rd. Wife wants to go here for New Years. We are ideally looking for isolated, but accessible Toyhauler locations that people aren't surrounding us. That being said, if anyone here family oriented is going out between 12/27-1/2 I'd be happy to group up. I camped here as a kid and have done day trips but am not entirely familiar with the good camp spots. Looks like Holmes Camp is the party spot. I want to be away from there. I have plenty of water and generator fuel to be away from the RV parks and awnings. Does the wind come up out of the west mostly? Much appreciated on the advice as always! Thanks SDAR!
  7. Retirement ceremony

    Congrats on retirement! Looks like a great time!
  8. As most of you have found out by now, All American KTM in Ramona has been bought by Poway powersports. I never had the privilege of going there, but have heard great things. I have been to Poway powersports a few times, and I have been pleasantly surprised with the people that work there. It seems like a really good shop itching to grow! They're doing a grand opening party Saturday with free suspension tuning and some other neat stuff Saturday December 9th 10am-12pm if anyone is interested. I have zero affiliation with this business, and I posted this so more people are in the know. I'm always interested in free food!
  9. Thanks to you both. Looks like I'm on the right track with the overpants..... I'll dig through a few websites and see what I can find!
  10. Does anyone have a recommendation for some mostly street commuter overpants? I've been enjoying riding my new Triumph commuter, but hate having to switch out my pants twice a day. Looking for something over slacks. I commute to Poway, and it has been 43 degrees on the backside of Poway in the morning, and high 70s in the afternoon. The bike does have the 12v adapter for heated gear.... maybe I can give that a try? Anyone have any reviews? Thanks!
  11. 2005 Triumph Tiger - $1500

    Sounds like a pretty killer bike. How would this be for a commuter?
  12. New bike ready to ride - 2018 YZ450FX

    Sweet bike! What did you ride prior? I love the e-start on the WR, and the FX seems to be a no-brainer. I hope you can provide an in depth review of the bike soon!
  13. San Diego to Tampa

    Congrats! I am a huge fan of Tampa, and most of the rest of South Florida. We'll be there on vacation around end of March! As stated above, please post the greatest food spots around. All the best!
  14. Free diving for lobster

    Snorkel, you're better off doing it during the day. I did freediving and scuba off of Windansea beach to catch them. I know there is a big rock right off Del Mar, and have heard good things. And lastly, I know several people go out in Carlsbad right around where the sewage treatment plant discharges Stay out of the La Jolla Marine Preserve, get a lobster card, license, lobster gauge, heavy gloves and a netted bag. Be forewarned that most areas that are accessible from the beach are WAY picked over, but it's still a good time.
  15. UTV drivers, ride with LR, local dez free event

    I got in. I'll keep you updated