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  1. I got in. I'll keep you updated
  2. Nice find! I'm going to try and make it to the October 14th event. I have a 4 seat rzr, and could probably squeeze a few more in if interested!
  3. I believe you need to have a valid title and current registration (or non-op). You will get paperwork from the agency after the boat sells, and you will be able to write-off that amount. I bought an aluminum Valco this way about 2 years ago. The boat I bought came from https://www.itsdonated.com/ Seller seemed happy. I believe they came out and took pictures of the boat, and posted them on eBay. It was up to the seller to coordinate pickup. At the end of the day, pick the charity based on what you want to support. Good luck!
  4. I know you said she isn't into street riding, but if she would like to rip around on the Honda Grom for a few days, send me a message. It doesn't get much easier than a Grom!
  5. Interested in this topic as well. Do you have an AZ or CA license? I have a address in AZ, and have wanted to register my Rzr and bike there for street use, but I am concerned CA will object when pulled over. I believe they want their share of the registration money.
  6. I also may need a welder with experience for a project within the next few weeks. I will politely BUMP this up to the top for you, and hopefully follow along!
  7. Years ago I couldn't get anyone to come remove a beehive, so I dropped it into a 55 gallon trashcan and rehomed them myselves. That is definitely not plan A.
  8. I'm interested in both, I'll send you a PM
  9. I'll take one large please! Great shirt! If you decide to do more than one color, I would take an additional. Thanks!!
  10. Great post, keep us updated on what you find. I've been riding the Honda Grom lately, and have been pleasantly surprised with how well the light meters work with this little bike! I do think that the low ground clearance helps a lot. Have you been putting the bike right over the meter, in the optimal spot? There is a picture somewhere...
  11. With all the riffraff around here, I envisioned lawn seats.
  12. That thing is so cool!
  13. That is quite the basket case, excellent transformation!
  14. Hilarious! Looks like a really fun area to ride if you weren't on a minibike. A neighbor bought one of those red Coleman minis off Amazon... He rode the heck out of it for two days and I haven't seen it since. I think the novelty wears off really quick.
  15. Thanks for the pictures Jim. All that lush green foliage from the winter rains turned to tall dead grass in a hurry! I am a little concerned..... I have also noticed way more reptiles out. I have seen two different snakes in Mission Valley near my work! Never have seen them here before.