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  1. With the rain finally over, this weekend should be pretty nice. It may be a little sloppy, and there may even be some snow at the higher elevations, but who cares. I am open to anything if anyone wants to join me.
  2. Hey Guys- I posted a ride report on my site for a ride between Christmas and New Years. We had a TON of snow and generally pretty awful conditions, but even the worst day in Baja is better than hanging out with the in-laws. http://www.bajamotoadv.com/trip-reports/snow-south-of-rsv/ Jim
  3. I am going tomorrow for sure. I need to stage at RSV because the pavement is brutal on mousses, but if anyone wants to come can figure that out. I plan to be at the border at 8:00am. RSV to the Sawmill, where they hopefully have gas, and then back. From RSV it's about 130 miles round trip.
  4. I am working on a video and will post a ride report, but rode in snow off and on (mostly on) for 50 miles on the 27th. Sucked! If it dries out this week, the weekend should be great. I did order some Gore Tex boot liners as it looks like we're gonna have a wet winter. Glad you made it back in one piece.
  5. Mañana??? Supposed to rain tonight. I know it's late, but I am still on vacation. ;-)
  6. I ran into a guy on the trail who told me this story, but also mentioned it was in area with known drug trafficking activity. Don't know if that's true, or not. I don't think it's fair to assume possession of a gun means pointing it. I run into hunters often down there, and they are cool guys. I can also see the ranchers getting pissed when a 21 bike convoy rolls through their backyard. Think about your reaction if those same rolled down your street at full throttle. Also, too many douche bags don't close gates, and that's the number one issue these guys have. Finally, I'd bet the guy didn't know any Spanish. They may have said give me some money for riding through here (very common practice), but he took it to mean give me all of your money. I find the ranchers are fair if you treat them fairly. And speak to them in their native language as we expect them to do when they come here.
  7. I am out. It's a long way from RB, and I am on vacation, after all. Plus I hate sand.
  8. No idea what that means. Beside where and when, do I need a paddle? I haven't been to Glamis, so no idea what to expect.
  9. Hey Ken, I can go. Tell what you're thinking.
  10. Merry Christmas, Benny. It's been too long since we've ridden. Need to fix that asap.
  11. I always have the tailgate down on mine and never had a problem. I did get yelled at when I crossed with my bike on a bumper rack, but they let me through. On a recent trip, I was sent to secondary entering Mexico and was yelled at, literally, for not having my passport. I showed my Sentri card and the guy reminded me a passport is required. That said, I always cross back into the US with my Sentri card, even in non-Sentri lanes. I do find great inconsistency on requirements, depending on the officer. But being polite and playing a little dumb always works for me. (Of course Benny is far too much of a hard ass to while him with my charms.) I tell everyone to get a Sentri, because it comes with Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check. Best $100 you can spend if you ever fly. And the process is WAY better than before...no more trips to the border for processing. My only advice is to be super conservative in what you bring back to the US. I had a guy threaten to yank it because he found an apple in my cooler. It had a Washington State sticker, but he advised me that once an item leaves the US its subject to import restrictions. I assume that would apply to weed from either WA or CO, but I am not going to test that theory. ;-)
  12. Well, I am still going. Screw you all. ;-)
  13. Welcome, Wolffman. I am taking some customers down to Mike's on the 27-28th, but I will doing another ride later in the week...maybe the 30-31st, but back in time for New Years Eve festivities. Keep checking the site!
  14. I am working on way to carry mine on the bike. That Pelican is sweet, but way too big for my backpack. I am trying to find something tiny and sturdy.
  15. Hey Brian-

    How are you enjoying you new XC? I am really digging mine, but curious to learn what others are experiencing.

    I have seen you posting on KTMTalk, which is kind of funny to me.


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    2. jawhitmoyer


      For Baja I find the power is perfect. I did a rekluse and lectron. Mousses, and the usual protective stuff. I really like it, plus being down to one bike is nice. 

    3. Bp619


      Yeah definitely has the power band for a desert baja bike i mainly bought this for hard stuff at corral and mccain so need little low end. Lack of vibrations is probably huge on a all day baja trip compared to old model. I just need to get down there with you guys hopefully late January to febuary

    4. jawhitmoyer


      I haven't ridden at Corral, yet, but it was ok at McCain. With the rekluse I tend to ride a gear higher, so I don't miss the grunt. 

      With all of the rain I expect Baja to amazing all season. Let me know when you want to. 

      Merry Christmas!