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  1. Yes, some folks have taken big bikes(eg. 950 or 1100). This is mostly a fire trail with potholes from rain. Avoid the potholes and you should be good (but every rider has his own limits). Have fun fellas, look up and you'll see me on a plane. Can't make it this time.
  2. Hey guys, Been off the forum for a while due to injuries. Are folks still doing the 2fer? Looks like no activity since June?
  3. Hey Jim, Looks like a great quick ride. Getting cortisone shots and hoping to avoid the knee surgery. If I get green Light next week, will be ready to to get in the bike ASAP.
  4. You're kill in' me but no dice!!! Tore MCL and Meniscus in November and haven't been able to ride since. Also why I've been pretty much silent here at SDAR. Getting close to riding again but not quite yet. Have fun and take some good pics.
  5. Schweddy Balls

    Baja 1000

    Reximus, We'll "look" for you! We will be a group of 3 KTM 500s. I have super bright Baja Designs headlight and my buddy has a massively bright bar light so if you see us wave and we'll pull over. Look forward to hearing about your experience. I'll bring back lots of GoPro footage. Stay safe! Best, Schweddy
  6. Schweddy Balls

    Baja 1000

    Getting ready to do all 1000 miles with a few buddy's tomorrow! For those that want to track the even, here you go... http://score-international.com/iv/tracking/
  7. Schweddy Balls

    Breakfast Club Tuesday 11/17

    CID, you may want to check this out... its a great time and you'll be there anyway... http://www.ncy-motorsports.com/event_list_detail.asp?ecode=687641&month=11&year=2015&location=0&Submit=Search ...oops, diff. date. 11/17, not 11/14
  8. Schweddy Balls

    Breakfast Club Tuesday 11/17

    CID, Great to meet you at the track day! Would love to join you but will be riding the BAJA 1000 course in a week so have to prep. Please keep me on your list to join next time and have fun safe ride!
  9. Schweddy Balls

    Baja 1000

    I guess you're not charging enough!
  10. Had a blast! Didn't quite know what to expect so brought up the KTM 500 EXC. Would've rather had the CR450 for the track but this was the first time I've had a 270lb dual sport bike on a track!! Not necessary the best match but I was smiling the whole time. Pretty cool that our "dirt bikes with a plate" could still handle the doubles. I did bottom out regularly on the big ones but George helped me figure that out. Sincere appreciation for George and his wife for pulling this together. Great time, great memory. Great to meet some of the the SDAR crew there in person. If we do this again, would like to see the SemperFI fund become more important to the participants/riders. With that many riders, we could have raised more $. ...my 2 cents
  11. Hey guys, looks like a great time up there by Greenhorn. I've been there more times than I can count and its one of my favorite riding areas. I recognize the fire tower and here's a pic of that same Manzanita Tunnel! Let me know when you go again, would love to join you and know that area fairly well but its been a while since I've been up there. Great write-up!
  12. I now have a conflict with work but trying to clear it. If calendar clears, hope to be doing same as Bagster. Hope to see you guys there.
  13. Dude, your killing me! This sounds great but can't pull it off. Kids would never forgive me if I skipped out on trick or treating. Gotta be home on Sat. Hope you find some good trails for our next trip!
  14. Schweddy Balls

    Aftermarket Headlight Bulb - 2013 KTM 500XC-W

    Cdad, I have the squadron but I've seen the light mentioned above. (Eg. EddieEarl has it). It puts out amazing light. Not as bright but almost....but at 1/4 the price it's an awesome light and what I would install if the squadron ever takes a dive.
  15. Installed heavier springs in front and heavier spring in rear. BOOM!...Arm Pump gone! Haven't even installed the bar inserts yet because I wanted to Isolate if it was the suspension. Granted this was the first time I've ridden in almost 2 months. I will still install the bar inserts when I get some time but wanted to give an update and let you guys know what a great job @George did at suspension 101. I also found my sag was @100 instead of 112-115 so had RJ help with that yesterday....man, what a diff ! Will repost once I install the anti-vibe inserts. Thanks for the input gents!

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